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Apologies were received from Cllrs Russell Mellor, Diane Smith and Vanessa Allen.


Apologies were also received from Stephen Parkin, Gail Low, Janice Pilgrim, Martin Pinnell, Angus Culverwell, Marie Pender, and Tina Slater.  




It was noted that a late submission of suggested amendments had been submitted by Mr Nick Goy. These would be attended to in due course. Subject to these, the minutes were agreed as a correct record.


Post meeting note:


The amendments referred to above have been incorporated into this version of the minutes.




The Matters Arising report was noted.




Mr Munnelly stated that the Major Scheme (MS) was now entering the implementation phase.


Mr Warner tabled a colour copy of the Beckenham High Street Phasing Plan. The Plan would be disseminated in due course. The Plan outlined the phase durations, with a corresponding colour key. The initial phase was marked as Phase A, which was due to commence on 13th February 2017. The other Phases were marked as Phases 1-7, and each Phase was roughly of three month’s duration. The final Phase was due for completion on 3rd August 2018.


Plant machinery would arrive at the site on 5th February, ready to commence work when materials arrived from China. The work being undertaken would include the replacement of all temporary materials, and resurfacing work. Phases 1-6 outlined how the project work would move through the various parts of the High Street, with Phase 7 being works undertaken at the War Memorial Roundabout. More details of the planned works would be made available in due course, and regular updates would be provided by Helen McConnell (FM Conway, Liaison Manager). A one way traffic system would be in place whilst the works were being implemented, and buses would be on diversion. Bus diversion plans were tabled by Mr Warner.


Mr Warner mentioned various works that would be undertaken, and these were widening footways, new street lighting, and the re-paving of footways. Old kerbs would be removed and re-used elsewhere.  It was not the case that a new road was being constructed, but rather that the existing road was being re-surfaced. Twenty advance warning signs had been set up. It was also planned that two large electronic signs would be used to provide information and updates. 


Marsha Berg expressed concern about traffic issues being caused by FM Conway plant and machinery. Mr Munnelly stated that a compound for FM Conway machinery was going to be set up in St George’s Car Park, but it had to be borne in mind that some large plant would not be able to be situated in the compound. 


The Group was informed that a 2 day exhibition was planned at 11 Village Way, near St Edmund’s Hall. The dates for this were 20th January and 21st January, from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Posters advertising this had already been displayed and leaflets were being distributed to local residents and businesses the day after the Group meeting.  A meeting was planned with local businesses at a different location on January 25th. Letters were also being posted to residents of Rectory Road. Regular updates and liaison would be undertaken by FM Conway over the duration of the project. 


Mr Old enquired when the Penge project work would commence, and was informed that the work had already started.


Mr Goy referred to problems with parking on pavements, and asked how this would impact on the use of tactile paving. Mr Warner explained that tactile paving was not going to be used on pavements. Instead,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 99.




Mr Oliver brought an update concerning the proposed canopy to cover the stage at Beckenham Green. As this was located in a conservation area, the canopy had to be unobtrusive as well as being durable and providing value for money. The canopy had to be built bespoke due to problems with the foundation of the stage caused by tree roots. The canopy would be built from a high tension fabric that could take a ton in weight. The colour of the canopy would be confirmed in a planning application.


The Chairman asked if power could be supplied to the stage, and Mr Oliver confirmed that this was possible.  A member asked how the canopy would be cleaned, and Mr Oliver stated that this would be taken up with the Parks Contractor. Some members of the Group stated that they were not keen on the design for various reasons. Chloe-Jane Ross, whilst appreciating the work undertaken so far, felt that sides or an overhang was required. It was agreed that she would discuss this further with Mr Oliver and Mr Munnelly post meeting. 


Mr Old expressed the view that the design was unimaginative and was from the 1980’s, and was not designed with Beckenham in mind. Dr Parker suggested that a competition be organised to come up with a design. Mr Munnelly expressed reservations concerning this, as he felt that constraints existed in terms of time and budget. Cllr Collins stated that the idea of a competition had merit. Cllr Dunn expressed a similar view, and was in favour of a competition being run via an Art School. 


Post Meeting Note:


The draft minutes of the meeting of the Beckenham Town Centre Working Group were noted by members of the Renewal and Recreation PDS Committee on 26th January 2017.


The PDS Committee resolved that the proposed competition for a canopy design be approved. 




Mr Warner stated that work was being undertaken on fixed traffic signal timing. It was the case that high quality materials and loops were required, as well as resurfacing. One post was going to be moved by TfL.  A member asked what a ‘loop’ was, and it was explained that this was a device that had a detector to pick up traffic queues.


Mr Warner stated that the widening of the corner turn had benefitted the corner locksmith premises. Heavy lorries no longer mounted the corner protection bell-bollards and crashed down, with the vibration breaking the shop windows. 


Marsha Berg requested half a dumb-bell by the locksmith’s, instead of a full one. The dumbbell should be of a contrasting colour to assist those who were partially sighted.


Mr Goy expressed the view that the proposed new cycle racks on the narrow path near Beckenham Junction Train Station would obstruct pedestrians, particularly when crowds left the station. Another mentioned that this was also the flower stall location. 


Resolved that the Junction update be noted.




Ms Ross directed thoughts to Christmas lights for 2017. She mentioned that the lights on the trees on the Green were now broken as the trees had grown and damaged them. It was noted that there was a provision for new lights on the Green in the Major Scheme.


The artificial Christmas tree and associated Christmas tree lights at Shortlands were praised, and it was hoped that Beckenham would be able to have a similar scheme. If there was any money available for bespoke lighting, then a bid should be made as soon as possible to obtain a competitive price. Mr Munnelly requested further information concerning the Shortlands scheme. Alice Marsh commented that the public loved the Shortlands Tree, and that she would like to see some form of Christmas lighting at the Beckenham War Memorial. There was some confusion as to the cost of the tree and Christmas lighting at Shortlands. Jackie Groundsell had been quoted a cost of £8.5k, whilst Chloe Jane Ross had been quoted a cost of £2.5k.


The Group, whilst appreciative of the Christmas tree at Beckenham Green, felt that it was a bit small. Ms Groundsell stated that she had been informed that the storage costs for the Shortlands Tree was in the region of £2.5-2.7K per annum. The advantage of storage was that it avoided a future capital cost.


The contractor had been instructed to save and move the Christmas lights brackets from the existing lamp columns to the new lamp columns. No construction work was to be undertaken in the two months spanning the important Christmas and New Year trading period.


It was noted that a response from TfL had not yet been received to the request for a new bus countdown unit at Fairfield Road bus stop. It was agreed that a plan of the proposed loading bays would be sent out with the final minutes. 


Resolved that a plan of the proposed loading bays would be sent out with the minutes.  






It was noted that listed building consent would be required to move the War Memorial. The Group heard that any attempt to move the location of the War Memorial (even if they were inclined to do so) would be met with opposition from the Conservation Officer and Historic England.


The Group agreed that the memorial should not be moved, and that crash barriers were not required. It was suggested that taller flowerbeds be used instead to offer some additional protection to the Memorial.




(1) The War Memorial should not be moved and the existing listed low brick wall should not be removed.


(2) Crash barriers should not be used to protect the War Memorial.


(3) Taller flowers or flower beds should be sited around the War Memorial.   








The Group felt that a planning application should be submitted as soon as possible so that the Purple Flag could be sited.


The Chairman confirmed that he had emailed the Portfolio Holders for Environment and Renewal and Recreation in an attempt to get consensus on the location where the flag should be sited. It was noted that Tina Slater was the officer leading on this, but that she was not present at the meeting for consultation.


The Group were still in favour of siting the Purple Flag outside of Beckenham Junction Train Station, and were hoping for a quick decision concerning this going forward. It was recommended that plans to site the Flag be incorporated into the design for Beckenham Station. The Chairman requested that the Flag be illuminated, and supported by an explanatory plaque. He asked that this be dealt with as a priority.




(1) A planning application be submitted as soon as possible to site the Purple Flag at Beckenham Junction Train Station


(2) The Flag be illuminated and supported by an explanatory plaque


(3) Plans to site the Flag should be incorporated into the design for Beckenham Station 




PLAQUES pdf icon PDF 122 KB


Mr David Wood gave an update concerning plaques, and a computer generated example of a plaque was passed around the Group. The size was twelve inches in diameter, and was similar in design to the ones that had already been laid in Bromley. It was agreed that the plaques should incorporate the Beckenham Coat of Arms.


Mr Wood asked how many of the plaques would be funded by LBB. Mr Oliver confirmed that a budget was available for plaques and that LBB would place the order. It was agreed that the Beckenham Society would sort out the final wording. Mr Munnelly confirmed that there would be no cost to the Beckenham Society.


It was clarified that because FM Conway would use a special boring machine to drill holes to site the plaques, this would be undertaken collectively for all of the plaques at the end of the project.


Mr Goy stated that there were possible errors in the booklet ‘A walk around Beckenham’. It was agreed that the errors needed to be eliminated.





(1) The Beckenham Society decides on the final wording for the plaques, and liaises with LBB who would place the order.


(2) Errors in the booklet ‘A walk around Beckenham’ should be corrected. 




It had previously been requested that crossing points (with a pedestrian refuge) be sited on Rectory Road, but these were not showing in the plans. The Chairman stated that this should be taken up with Mr Warner for clarification.


It was mentioned that someone had tweeted that LBB were charging for entry to Kelsey Park, but this was not the case.


Susan Ryall asked what was being done about the empty shops in Beckenham. The Chairman suggested that a report be requested concerning the empty shops in Beckenham.


Mr Goy raised the matter of the grey tarmac pavement on the south side of Croydon Road between the War Memorial and Beckenham Beacon Medical Centre and asked if the pavement could be upgraded. This included shopping frontages by Faversham and Shaftesbury Roads which were a continuation of the town centre retail and restaurant premises. The pavement opposite and further away, outside of Tesco Express/Kwik Fit was already herringbone pink paving, but anomalously there was only grey tarmac there.  


Mr Goy suggested that instead of progressing with the current proposal for the permanent Canopy at Beckenham Green, (with design limitations), a large  marquee be purchased and be available for community events instead, saving the cost of hire expense which was likely to be in the region of £600-£700.





(1) Mr Warner clarify if there are any plans to site crossing points (with a pedestrian refuge) in Rectory Road


(2) A report be brought back to the next meeting to update the Group concerning empty shops in Beckenham Town Centre  




The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Thursday 9th March 2017.


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