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Apologies were received from Councillor Vanessa Allen, Councillor Ian Dunn, Garry Warner, Lorraine Mcquillan, Gail Low, Zoe Brown and Helen McConnell. Harriet Pyne (FM Conway) attended as the substitute for Ms McConnell. Jonathan Laidlaw sent apologies in advance for arriving late. 


Apologies were also received from Sarah Niblock.


Ms Niblock had requested previously, that her thanks to the Chairman and to the Committee Clerk for all of their hard work with respect to the Working Group be noted and minuted.




The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed as a correct record, subject to the later checking of suggested amendments that had been emailed to the Committee Clerk by Mr Goy.


RESOLVED that the minutes of the previous meeting be signed and agreed as a correct record. 




CSD 18166


Members of the Working Group noted the matters that had arisen from the previous meeting held on 4th October 2018.


It had been noted in the matters arising report that Mr Kevin Munnelly would provide an update with respect to parking contraventions and the lack of enforcement that was apparent after 9.30pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.


Mr Munnelly said that this was an ongoing issue. It seemed that after 9.30pm on Friday and Saturday evenings, people were parking on pavements and on double yellow lines because the contraventions were not being enforced. It had been mentioned in a previous meeting, that civil enforcement officers had been hesitant to undertake enforcement action during these periods due to fear of abuse and possible violence. The Chairman stated that enforcement should take place and that the police should be asked to help if required.


It was noted that the use of CCTV cameras to facilitate enforcement was not current LBB policy. The Chairman expressed the view that a parking enforcement blitz was required with the help of the police, and that the press office should be asked to cover it.


The Group was pleased to note that the yellow lines in the Conservation Area had been repainted as required.


The Chairman referred to the matter of town signs being installed, but with the Beckenham motif missing. After investigation it was discovered that the motif was not on the signs previously. It was agreed that if the motifs were found in the future, they should then be added to the signs.  


A discussion took place concerning the matter of cleaning in Beckenham, particularly in the vicinity of Beckenham Junction. It had been resolved previously that cleaning should be undertaken with a different type of chemical before the meeting. This had taken place as planned and bicarbonate of soda had been used, but had proved ineffective.


The Chairman raised the matter of chewing gum removal kits for businesses. Mr Munnelly stated that LBB could provide a ‘gum busting’ service, but this would be an additional service provision and at extra cost. It was noted that the BID in Bromley had paid for a gum busting service.


The Chairman and the Working Group were disappointed that an enhanced cleaning regieme had not been included in the contract for the major scheme works. They felt that this was not what had been promised and asked what needed to be done going forward to rectify this. Mr Munnelly responded that regular cleaning was required, and that this had been reported back. He suggested that Ward Councillors should request an enhanced cleaning service from the Portfolio Holder for Environment. 

It was commented that with respect to Beckenham Junction, additional problems had been caused because the wrong granite had been laid originally. Mr Munnelly stated that this matter was now being dealt with at Director level. The Chairman was hopeful that a credit could be applied because of this and if this did take place,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 45.




It was noted that the work being undertaken in Kelsey Square would be finished the following week. A request was made for restrictive parking lines to be painted in as soon as possible. The Chairman favoured a Residents’ Parking Scheme. It was recommended that the Burnhill Road Car Parking Zone be extended to Kelsey Square. 


Cycle racks would be installed the following week, especially in areas where there had been unauthorised parking. Janice Pilgrim stated that in order to assist blind and partially sighted persons, the racks should be sited off centre, there should be a colour contrast on the racks, and the bikes should not stick out.


The Working Group was informed that in the New Year, new street furniture and granite planters would be sited. It had been reported that there had been problems at Coopers Mews with motorists driving over the pavement. This would stop when new planters went in. 


The Working Group heard that the lighting for Regal Alley had been completed. Issues around tree lighting would be discussed in the future. 


Mr Goy reported problems he considered outstanding with the scheme nearing completion:

4.1  ‘Shared-use’ parking bays with rough-surface grey bricks – Mr Goy conveyed a complaint from his elderly, registered-disabled mother about the rough and irregularly-surfaced bricks chosen for the parking bays / shared use paving. This was that the rough bricks were unnerving and dangerous for someone with difficulty walking, using a stick, or a wheeled walking frame.

4.2  Zebra crossing near the Odeon Cinema / Chicken Takeaway – The black and white stripes of the crossing had been painted at a peculiar angle to the footway and widened central refuge. Mr Goy had noticed this on a High St visit  prior to the meeting, but there could be others around the War Memorial roundabout, which was in the final stage of the works.

4.3  Feature white mortar brick pointing at High St Junction with Burnhill Rd (outside Prezzo / Hak’s Barbers) – The pattern of red and dark grey bricks, near historic Kelsey Square, had been pointed with a white mortar. However, the quality of pointing was such that the light pointing mortar was messy around and on top of the bricks and so looked scruffy. Mr Oliver replied that the Project Team had noticed this and been told that the overspill cement called ‘snot’ would wash away in the rain. Mr Goy was sceptical as it had been there some months already; he suggested removal by hand or mechanical means.

4.4  Missing Village Way Street Name Plates – Mr Munnelly said installation was pending agreement that night on the black on white ‘Traffic’ font name plates with the Beckenham crest. There had been a query on the three-tree detail from two different designers.

Mr Goy re-stated that he considered the ‘new’ design simply a return to the dated 1970’s plates, some of which were still around. He much preferred the white Roman typeface lettering on a green background now in use  ...  view the full minutes text for item 46.




The Group heard that an additional Purple Flag would be erected at Clock House, and the existing Purple Flag at Beckenham Junction would be renewed due to wear and tear.


It was noted that on Friday, December 14th (known as ‘Black Friday’) two extra security staff would be working in Beckenham. They would be on duty between 9pm and 3.00am, and would be paid for by the BID. 


RESOLVED that the Town Centre Team update is noted. 


BIN AUDIT pdf icon PDF 59 KB


A Litter Bin Audit update was provided by Marsha Berg. It was noted that as FM Conway had moved some bins during the scheme works, many bins were now required to be secured to the ground.


Mr David Wood reminded the Group that the fingerpost sign by the entrance to Beckenham Green at Albemarle Road was incorrect and required changing. The sign currently read ‘Beckenham Place Park and Golf Course’. The golf course no longer existed and so this part of the sign needed to be painted over. Councillor Stephen Wells pointed out that someone had graffitied over the Albemarle Road sign, and that it now read as ‘Marble Road’. 





There was a brief update concerning the Heritage Plaques—Mr Munnelly stated that this matter was with Procurement, and would then go to Tender. He was hopeful that an updated programme for manufacture and installation could be disseminated with the minutes. 


RESOLVED that a work programme schedule for the Heritage Plaques would be disseminated.   


ANY OTHER BUSINESS (Previously Notified)


The Working Group noted the ‘Accessible Beckenham’ document that was presented by Jackie Groundsell. Members of the Working Group were appraised that the legal basis for the document was the Equalities Act 2010. 


The document was an audit of 190 business premises in Beckenham to determine the current provision of disabled access in the town. It was noted that the document would appear on the Beckenham Business Association website. A new audit was planned for March, and so if a Review Meeting was going to be scheduled for April, then the revised audit could be presented at that time. As well as there being a shortage of disabled ramps, there was also a problem with the provision of disabled toilets.


The Chairman felt that the provision of disabled access and disabled toilets should be incorporated as a condition on new planning applications, and that this should then be enforced by Planning Enforcement. 


RESOLVED that a revised Accessibility Audit be presented at the scheme post contract completion meeting.




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