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(17/02629/FULL1) - Cornerways, Sydenham Avenue, Sydenham, SE26 6UH





Description of application – Demolition of existing dwellinghouse and outbuildings and construction of a part 1.5, part 2 storey building comprising 4 two bedroom flats and 2 one bedroom flats with associated parking, hard and soft landscaping, refuse and recycling.


Oral representations in objection to and in support of the application were received at the meeting. 

The Chief Planner’s representative reported that a plan and photograph had been received in objection to the application and circulated to Members and further objections to the application had also been received.  Comments from Sydenham Society in objection to the application were also reported and circulated to Members.  He also reported that demolition work on the site had commenced.


Ward Member, Councillor Angela Wilkins, objected to the application as, in her view, the proposed development was an over development due to its mass and bulk, out of character with the surrounding properties, with insufficient parking and potential overlooking from the recessed balconies that would have an adverse impact on 56 Sydenham Avenue and the surrounding area.


Councillors Turner, Fawthrop and Owen also objected to the application.


Members having considered the report, objections and representations, RESOLVED that PERMISSION BE REFUSED for the following reasons:-

1.  The proposal represents a cramped overdevelopment of the site by reason of the limited size of plot available for the level of increased density of residential use, detrimental to the character of the area and context of two storey residential properties adjacent to the site in the immediate locality, contrary to Policies BE1 and H7 of the Unitary Development Plan and Policies 3.4, 3.5 and 7.4 of the London Plan.

2.  The proposed development by reason of its prominent siting, scale massing and its sub-standard spatial relationship to adjacent dwellings in this prominent corner location would be harmfully at odds with the open spatial characteristics of the Sydenham Avenue/Crystal Palace Park Road junction which is an important characteristic to the existing development pattern. It would therefore represent an inappropriate and visually obtrusive over development detrimental to the character and visual amenities of the locality contrary to Policies BE1, H7 and H9 of the Unitary Development Plan and Policies 7.4 and 7.6 of the London Plan.

3.  The proposed development by reason of its overbearing nature, siting and proximity to neighbouring buildings and property boundaries would have a serious and adverse effect on the privacy and amenity enjoyed by the occupants of neighbouring property at No56 Crystal Palace Park Road contrary to Policies BE1, H7 and H9 of the Unitary Development Plan and Policies 7.4 and 7.6 of the London Plan.


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