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Report ES18063


TfL’s London-wide Strategic Cycling Analysis identifies Crofton Road as potentially having a high volume of short trips by cycling (switching from car and bus) with appropriate infrastructure. The section of Crofton Road proposed for a scheme is within the top 5-10% of connectors for potential cycling trips in London with analysis showing a potential to switch over 21,000 trips per day to cycling to and from Orpington town centre.


The scheme proposed for Crofton Road also offers improvement for pedestrians and bus passengers, primarily on the narrower section of Crofton Road, between Crofton Avenue and Ormonde Avenue. Additionally, provision is made for new trees and some landscaping.


Following approval of outline proposals in July 2017 for a safe and segregated cycle facility on Crofton Road (A232), Ward Members and the Crofton Residents Association (CRA) raised concerns. A number of meetings were held and the CRA subsequently circulated 2,073 consultation letters (December 2017) outlining changes to the proposals in response to concerns. With residents invited to comment to the Council, 26 responses were received - 65% being supportive or wanting the scheme to go further; 23% opposing; and 12% supporting some aspects of the scheme. 


As the CRA felt that insufficient consultation had taken place and were unable to agree the analysis results, further meetings were held to understand the issues and concerns. One concerned a need to fell 33 trees. However, this was due to their potential impact on surrounding boundary walls rather than a result of the scheme. It is hoped to replace a number of trees through the scheme with precise locations being discussed with the Council’s Arboriculture Officer.


Local Ward Councillors raised additional concerns in October on the design of a revised scheme and its £850k cost. A further revised scheme now removes proposed cycle facilities between Ormonde Avenue and Crofton Avenue, although pedestrian improvements remain. Improved cycle and pedestrian facilities continue along the Crofton Avenue/Orpington Station section (drawings for the scheme being appended to Report ES18063). The scheme benefits pedestrians as well as cyclists through improved footways, wider refuges, and new zebra crossings. Bus users also have improved waiting facilities and lower vehicle speeds can be expected from reduced carriageway width throughout the whole length of the scheme. 


The revised cost of the scheme was outlined at the meeting as £673k (sufficient to cover any realistic contingency) with the works phased over 2018/19 and 2019/20. A sum of £390k would be funded from the 2018/19 TfL LIP budget for Cycling and Walking with the remaining balance funded from the TfL LIP budget for Cycle Infrastructure 2019/20. Any future maintenance costs would be funded from the existing highway maintenance budgets.


Members were also advised that the CRA Chairman had offered comments on the latest scheme design drawing and Ward Members were more favourable to the latest design. In view of objections, proposed amendments at the mouth of Ormonde Avenue would not now proceed (the existing pedestrian refuge however remaining as it is to the east of Ormonde Avenue).


Options to extend the cycle route along Lovibonds Avenue will also be investigated at a later stage taking account of local current and potential cycling demand in streets to the south of Crofton Road and the demand from Darrick Wood School which is located in Lovibonds Avenue.


A potential conflict was envisaged between pedestrians boarding and alighting buses with passing cyclists, although, cyclists are obliged to stop in such circumstances. In developing the latest design, reference has been made to the London Cycle Design Standards guide and it is possible to design measures to encourage cyclists to ride at sensible speeds.


Regarding the trees that had to be removed, it was intended to plant some 25 replacements (or more if possible) and Transport officers were working with the Arboriculture Officer on appropriate tree types. 


Differences between the latest scheme design and the earlier (October) design include:


·  provision of a walking scheme only on the northern side of Crofton Road west of Crofton Avenue;

·  no new refuge just east of Ormonde Avenue;

·  fewer changes to the roundabout at Crofton Lane;

·  lower cost for the latest scheme design at £673k (sufficient to also cover any realistic contingency).


The Transport Strategy & Projects Manager also referred to other minor changes in the latest design to reduce its cost.




(1) the following be noted –


·   undertaking of the consultation and level of public support

·  design changes made to address the concerns raised.


(2) The Portfolio Holder be recommended to approve - 


·  progression of the scheme to detailed design and implementation and


·  the cost of the scheme being met from the 2018/19 TfL LIP budget for Cycling and Walking and the 2019/20 TfL LIP budget for Cycling and Walking.


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