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Report HPR2020/020


Over the past year the Assistant Director, Culture and Regeneration had prepared the borough's first ever regeneration strategy.  This strategy had been reviewed and fed into by the wider Council and external stakeholders.  The strategy was now ready for formal scrutiny by Members in anticipation of its adoption.


The Interim Assistant Director of Culture and Regeneration reported that the Regeneration Strategy was developed to provide a new strategic approach to the regeneration of the borough over a 10 year period. Whilst the strategy did not endorse planning, officers had worked with the Planning Department to ensure thoroughness and synergy with the Local Plan.


A local economy plan post COVID-19 would be produced to incorporate changes in the way people lived, worked and shopped.


In response to a question from Councillor Cuthbert, the Director of Housing, Planning, Property and Regeneration, reported that the Regeneration strategy sat alongside other Council strategies such as the Building and Housing Association Strategies and work was being carried out to establish how this Strategy could support improvements to existing housing and the creation of new homes.


Referring to Section 2.2 (page 53) entitled ‘Develop Bromley Town’s contemporary cultural centre in the vicinity of the Churchill Theatre and Central Library’, Councillor Michael referred to the Ripley Arts Centre which she considered to be a cultural asset and should be included in the report as part of the borough’s offer. The Acting Assistant Director of Culture and Regeneration, informed Members that the Council worked with various cultural venues across the borough (including the Ripley Arts Centre) but it would be challenging to include them all in the Regeneration Strategy.


Councillors Botting and Allatt had sat as members of the Ripley Arts Centre Committee alongside Councillor Michael and agreed that the Centre should be included as a cultural offer in the borough.


The Acting Director of Culture and Regeneration reported that a wide range of organisations had been consulted on the Strategy and agreed to check whether the Ripley Arts Centre had been included.


Councillor Stevens was given assurance that as projects came forward, individual reports would be submitted to the Committee for consideration by Members.


Councillor Benington referred to the caption at the bottom of page 37 which indicated that the train ride from Bromley South Station to London Victoria took 16 minutes.  He informed the Committee that a train journey from Orpington to London Bridge took 15 minutes and should, therefore, also be included.


In relation to the caption on page 36 stating that Bromley Town Centre was the 25th most potential of shopping areas in England, Councillor Morgan confirmed that based on Bromley’s infrastructure and population etc,. Bromley was the 25th best place for shopping.  The Acting Assistant Director reported that the majority of large retailers would look to open shops and invest in areas listed in the top 50.




1  the report be noted and the Committee’s comments be provided to Members of the Executive; and


2  the Executive be recommended to approve the formal adoption of the Regeneration Strategy to provide a framework for the regeneration of the borough from 2020 to 2030.

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