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Full-time 20mph limit and speed camera for Beckenham Lane

We the undersigned petition the Council to Introduce a full-time 20mph limit for the whole length of Beckenham Lane, between the Magistrate's Court and Shortlands Station. Add a speed camera at the sharp bend near Blyth Road.

According to https://www.crashmap.co.uk/ there have been 14 accidents on this stretch of road in the past 5 years. 14 accidents is a lot for a short road with a primary school and a village on it. Right now the road has a temporary 20mph limit but that's not enough when you consider that the 20mph limit is only for the times when children go to and from school, which doesn't protect anyone at other times.

Thankfully the school now has a zebra crossing outside it, but one accident destroyed the set of protective railings near the school, on a Sunday when the Shortlands Market was taking place inside the school.

A big part of the problem is poor visibility on the steepest part of the road, near the junction with Blyth Road. One accident destroyed a brick wall near this junction. A speed camera here would really help persuade some drivers not to speed here.

A 20mph limit and speed camera are two simple, cheap interventions Bromley Council could make here that would make a world of difference for the residents of Shortlands and the children of Valley School. We'd like Bromley Council to consider this proposal now.

This ePetition ran from 03/05/2024 to 14/07/2024 and has now finished.

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