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Children's Scrutiny Performance Dashboard & Report Q2 202223 - Part 1

Meeting: 17/11/2022 - Children, Education and Families Policy Development and Scrutiny Committee (Item 43)

43 Performance Reporting - Children's Scrutiny Dataset Part 1 (Public) Report pdf icon PDF 301 KB

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The report presented a regular update on the performance of services for children across a suite of performance measures.


As at the end of September 2022, the majority of key performance indicators for children’s services were rated as ‘Green’.  There were two ‘Red’ marked performance indicators which comprised Indicator 18: Number of In-House Foster Carers Recruited which continued to be a major area of focus, and Indicator 32: Percentage of Education, Health and Care Plans issued within the Statutory 20-Week Timescale (excluding exception cases) which was fuelled by increased demand for plans and for which work was ongoing with partners to improve the timeliness of professional advice.  There were five ‘Amber’ marked performance indicators.  These included Indicator 12: Percentage of Children that became subject to a Child Protection Plan for the Second or a Subsequent Time for which the Chairman requested a reference to 4% in the commentary be clarified, and Indicator 17: Percentage of Children Looked After Cases Reviewed within Required Timescale for which a plan was in place.  Of the remaining ‘Amber’ rated performance indicators, Indicator 21: Number of Children Looked After who were Adopted was largely out of the Local Authority’s control as a regional matter but remained an ambition of the Local Authority, and Indictors 25/26: Average Caseloads for which management action was being taken, including an ongoing focus on recruitment and retention, with a cohort of ten international social workers due to join the Local Authority in March 2023. 


RESOLVED: That the September 2022 outturn of key performance indicators and associated management commentary be noted.