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Bromley Youth Council End of Year Report

Meeting: 14/03/2023 - Children, Education and Families Policy Development and Scrutiny Committee (Item 69)

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Report CEF23018


The report heard a presentation from Alice Kirby and Tommy Velvick, Bromley Youth Council Representatives presenting a mid-year update on the work of the Bromley Youth Council.  This included progress in delivering the 2022/23 Youth Council Manifesto Campaign Objectives which comprised ‘Youth Anti-Social Behaviour and Knife Crime’ and ‘Relationships, Sex and Education’.


In response to a question from a Member, Tommy Velvick explained that Bromley Youth Council was run by and for young people aged 12-18 years (up to 25 for young people with disabilities) who were recruited from schools and youth services across the Borough, as well as the Living in Care Council.  Another Member asked about how the work of Bromley Youth Council tied in with the National Youth Parliament and the London Youth Assembly and Tommy Velvick advised that the Bromley Youth Council had representatives on both of these bodies and that students at Bromley Schools participated in an annual voting process to determine the key priorities of the National Youth Parliament.


In considering the 2022/23 Youth Council Manifesto Campaign Objectives, the Committee was advised that the workstream for the ‘Relationships, Sex and Education’ Objective had been successful in identifying limitations placed on schools in this area.  A Member queried whether the Bromley Youth Council had undertaken any work around the use of vapes and/or the sale of nitrous oxide to young people as part of its objective on ‘Youth Anti-Social Behaviour and Knife Crime’ and Alice Kirby advised that whilst this was not something Bromley Youth Council had particularly focused on, representatives of Bromley Youth Council had met with Trading Standards Officers to discuss the issue of young people being illegally sold vapes, creating both health and environmental concerns.  The Chairman observed that an information item on ‘Gambling Support for Children and Young People’ had been put to the Committee and asked whether the Youth Council Representatives had any views in this area.  Tommy Velvick suggested there was scope to raise awareness amongst young people on how gambling was disguised in video games and Alice Kirby further added that free or low stakes online gambling also posed a danger to young people.  A Member outlined a recent meeting he had with a representative of a leading provider of guidance, advice and support for gambling addiction and suggested that Bromley Youth Council play a role in raising awareness of the support on offer to young people.


The Chairman led the Committee in thanking Tommy Velvick and Alice Kirby for their excellent presentation and commended the Bromley Youth Council for its work during 2022/23.


RESOLVED: That progress made towards delivering the actions identified in the Bromley Youth Council 2022/23 Campaigns Work Plan be noted.