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Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Nicky Dykes, David Livett, Terence Nathan, Catherine Rideout and Charles Rideout.


Declarations of Interest


The Mayor declared an interest relating to minute 40 (Ofsted Inspection of Children’s Services) in that his daughter was a social worker employed by the Council.


To confirm the Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 4th July 2016 pdf icon PDF 259 KB

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RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 4th July 2016 be confirmed.


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Report CSD16121


A petition had been received on behalf of residents in Cray Valley west ward and surrounding areas calling for the Council to reconsider the decision to discontinue the Green garden Waste collection site at Cotmandene Crescent. Sue Green addressed the council on behalf of the petitioners. 


A motion to take no further action on the petition was moved by Councillor Colin Smith, seconded by Councillor William Huntington-Thresher and CARRIED.


Questions from members of the public where notice has been given. pdf icon PDF 62 KB

Questions must be received by 5pm on Tuesday 20th September 2016

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Six questions had been received from members of the public. These are set out in Appendix A to these minutes.


Oral questions from Members of the Council where notice has been given. pdf icon PDF 208 KB

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Fourteen questions for oral reply had been received from members of the Council. These are set out in Appendix B to these minutes.


Written questions from Members of the Council where notice has been given pdf icon PDF 65 KB

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Thirteen questions for written reply had been received from members of the Council. These are set out in Appendix C to these minutes.


To consider any statements that may be made by the Leader of the Council, Portfolio Holders or Chairmen of Committees.


A statement was made by Councillor Robert Evans, Portfolio Holder for Care Services, updating Members on the current position with regard to the Ofsted Inspection report on Children’s Services. In the aftermath of the report, the Leader of the Council had pledged to provide the resources needed to ensure a real improvement in services, and this was reflected in the recommendations before the Council in the next agenda item. A full and detailed improvement plan had been produced and submitted to Ofsted and several improvements had already been implemented under the direction of a multi-agency Improvement Board chaired by the Leader, and a multi-agency officer group.  The multi-agency aspect of the work was crucial. In producing the Improvement Plan, the main driver had not only been responding to the eighteen recommendations made by Ofsted, but also to the much wider improvement brief promoted by the Commissioner.


The Council had recently appointed a new Director, Mr Ade Adetsoya, who had been assisting the Council as an Independent Advisor; he was expected to take up his post in November. Staff had been recruited to strengthen the Court Team, to reduce case-loads and to improve middle management monitoring and oversight. Further training had been provided to staff and an “early Permanence panel” had been set up to review all looked after children from 0 to 16. Other measures taken included reviewing all cases to ensure that thresholds were correctly maintained; improving systems and processes for dealing with the return of children who had been missing from their home or placement; and no longer placing any young person leaving care into bed and breakfast accommodation.


Much had been done, but much remained to be done in future. It was expected that Ofsted would approve the Improvement Plan; they would be returning in November and then in March for an officially reported visit. The Improvement Board would continue to monitor improvements under the direction of an independent chairman. The Commissioner was due to make her report to the Minister the next day; the Council would receive further direction and her report would be made public. The Portfolio Holder promised to make a further statement to Council once her recommendations were known.    


Ofsted Inspection of Children's Services pdf icon PDF 108 KB

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Report CSD16134


A motion to (i) approve funding for the posts included in Phase 1 and Phase 2 which had already been committed totally £949k in 2017/17 with a full year effect of £1,471k as set out in paragraph 6.3 of the report and (ii) release up to a further £141k in 2016/17 and a further £975k in a full year for Phase 3, with any utilisation of the monies being subject to approval by the Executive following an appropriate level of scrutiny, was moved by Councillor Stephen Carr, seconded by Councillor Robert Evans and CARRIED unanimously.     


Meeting of the Urgency Committee pdf icon PDF 58 KB

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Report CSD16116


A motion to note the decisions made by the Urgency Committee at its meeting on 8th August 2016 was moved by councillor Stephen Carr, seconded by Councillor Robert Evans and CARRIED.


Government's Four Year Funding Offer pdf icon PDF 105 KB

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Report CSD16120


A motion to (i) accept the government’s four year funding offer for the period 2016/17 to 2019/20, and (ii) agree that if further changes are required to the Efficiency Plan (as set out in paragraph 3.4.5 of the report) the amendments would be undertaken by the Director of Finance with the agreement of the Leader of the Council and the Resources Portfolio Holder, was moved by Councillor Graham Arthur, seconded by Councillor Stephen Carr and CARRIED.


Treasury Management - Quarter 1 Performance 2016/17 and Investment Strategy pdf icon PDF 150 KB

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Report CSD16110


A motion to approve the following changes to the Treasury Management Investment Strategy was moved by Councillor Graham Arthur, seconded by Councillor Stephen Carr and CARRIED -


(i)  a reduction to the sovereign rating criteria to AA- as detailed in paragraph 3.6.2 of the report;


(ii)  a reduction to the individual counterparty rating criteria to BBB+ as detailed in paragraph 3.6.3;


(iii)  an increase to the maximum investment period for UK banks in Banks 1C category as detailed in paragraph 3.6.4;


(iv)  the inclusion of investments with Housing Associations as detailed in paragraph 3.6.5; and


(v)  the inclusion of Variable Net Asset Value Fund Money Market funds as detailed in paragraph 3.6.6.



Animal Health and Welfare - Adoption of Revised Standard Licence Conditions pdf icon PDF 107 KB

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Report CSD16133


A motion to adopt the revised standard conditions/guidance for use in relation to (a) Pet Shops, (b) Animal Boarding Establishments (Cats), (c) Animal Boarding Establishments (Dogs) and (d) Dog Breeding Establishments, with effect from 1st January 2017, was moved by Councillor Tim Stevens, seconded by Councillor Diane Smith and CARRIED.


To consider Motions of which notice has been given. pdf icon PDF 5 KB


The following motion was moved by Councillor Nicholas Bennett JP and seconded by Councillor Neil Reddin FCA -


“This Council welcomes the announcement by the Prime Minister that new Grammar Schools may be opened. The Council notes the massive over subscription for the two selective schools in the Borough and resolves to encourage and, if appropriate, support applications by existing schools and new free schools to provide selective education especially for able but disadvantaged children.”


The motion was CARRIED.



Mayor's Announcements


The Mayor thanked members for their attendance at his Bowls Evening and at other events, particularly those held in their wards, and commented that there were only four wards that he had yet not made an official visit to. On behalf of ward members, he also thanked members for their donations to the fund set up for the families of those killed in the recent car accident in Penge.  


Next Friday he would be holding a reception for the victorious London Youth Games team. The Deputy Mayor’s parachute jump had been delayed, but was now anticipated to take place on the coming Saturday.


The Mayor drew attention to two forthcoming events – the Christmas Masquerade Ball at the Beaverwood Club on Saturday 10th December and the Christmas Civic Celebration at the Langley Park Performing Arts Centre on Sunday 11th December. Further details were available from the Mayor’s Office.  



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