Agenda and minutes

Venue: Bromley Civic Centre

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To elect the Mayor of the Borough

The Mayor to make and deliver the statutory Declaration of Office


It was moved by Councillor Judi Ellis, seconded by Councillor Peter Morgan and


RESOLVED that Councillor Hannah Gray be elected Mayor of the Borough.


Councillor Gray made and subscribed the Declaration of Acceptance of the Office of Mayor and received the insignia of office.


In the chair, Cllr Hannah Gray


The Mayor expressed her thanks for the honour conferred on her, and was congratulated on her appointment by the group leaders.


The Mayor thanked Councillor Nicholas Bennett and Councillor Kira Gabbert and their consorts for their service as Mayor and Deputy Mayor in 2019/20, and announced that there would be a proper opportunity for the Council to thank them at the first meeting held back in the Council Chamber.  




To record the appointment of the Deputy Mayor signified to the Council in writing


The Mayor signified orally and in writing her appointment of Cllr Stephen Wells as the Deputy Mayor.


The Deputy Mayor was invested by the Mayor with the insignia of his office and expressed appreciation for the honour of his appointment.



Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Chris Pierce.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


To confirm the Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 24th February 2020 pdf icon PDF 384 KB

Additional documents:


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 24th February 2020 be confirmed.


To receive an address from the Leader of the Council


The Leader, Councillor Colin Smith, congratulated the Mayor on her appointment and announced that the Executive would continue with its current membership, but that Councillor Yvonne Bear would become Executive Assistant for Renewal, Recreation and Housing.


Councillor Smith referred to the difficult times that all residents were currently facing in the Covid-19 pandemic, and thanked the Council’s staff and contractors for their work – especially those in frontline care, but also the bin crews, traffic wardens and others serving the borough. He also thanked Vinit Shukle, Assistant Director, IT Services and his team for enabling the majority of Council staff to continue working from home, and, with the assistance and expertise of Councillor Gary Stevens, for making the annual meeting happen.   


He recalled saying at the 2019 annual meeting how crucial the Ageing Well and Mental Health Strategies were, emphasising the need to start combining health with social care and the importance of the loneliness agenda, which was being taken forward by Councillor Aisha Cuthbert. These issues had come centre stage. He commended the 4,300 members of the community who had volunteered in the current crisis, and stated that it would be important to harness this spirit of service.


To appoint Committees and their Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen and agree proportionality pdf icon PDF 250 KB

Schedule of Committee memberships to follow.


At the end of the Council meeting, Committees will meet to appoint their Sub-Committees in line with proportionality and to appoint chairmen and vice-chairmen.

Additional documents:


A schedule of proposed committee appointments had been circulated. A motion that the appointment of Councillors to Committees and the election of Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen as set out in the schedule circulated was moved by Councillor Christine Harris, seconded by Cllr William Huntington-Thresher and CARRIED.


After the end of the meeting, Committees met to appoint their Sub-committees and appoint chairmen and vice-chairmen. The final version of the schedule is attached as Appendix A to these minutes.


Note: As Councillor Yvonne Bear had been appointed as Executive Assistant to the Renewal, Recreation and Housing Portfolio Holder she would no longer be a member of the Renewal, Recreation and Housing PDS Committee.


To receive the Scheme of Delegation of Executive Functions from the Leader of the Council and to approve the Scheme of Delegation of Non-Executive functions. pdf icon PDF 195 KB

Additional documents:


Report CSD20064


A motion to note the Scheme of Executive Delegation and confirm the Scheme of Non-Executive Delegation was moved by Councillor Pauline Tunnicliffe, seconded by Councillor Stephen Wells and CARRIED.



To receive and note the Report of the Urgency Committee pdf icon PDF 88 KB

Additional documents:


Report CSD200


The report of the Urgency Committee’s meetings on 19th March and 6th May 2020 was noted.




The Mayor's announcements and communications.


The Mayor confirmed that her Chaplain would be Major Angela Strickland of the Salvation Army.


The Mayor announced her charities and invited Michelle Simpson of the Chartwell Cancer Trust and Lisa Ellams of Cystic Fibrosis Supporters to each give a brief outline of their organisations’ work. 

Appendix A pdf icon PDF 264 KB


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