Agenda and minutes

Council - Monday 10 October 2022 7.00 pm

Venue: Bromley Civic Centre

Contact: Graham Walton  020 8461 7743

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Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Andrew Lee, Christopher Marlow, Ruth McGregor and Ryan Thomson.


Declarations of Interest


There were no additional declarations of interest.


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RESOLVED that the minutes of the meetings held on 25th July and 15th September 2022 be confirmed.


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In accordance with the Council’s Constitution, questions that are not specific to reports on the agenda must have been received in writing 10 working days before the date of the meeting – 26th September 2022. 


Questions specifically on reports on the agenda should be received within two working days of the normal publication date of the agenda.  Please ensure that questions specifically on reports on the agenda are received by the Democratic Services Team by 5pm on 4th October 2022.


(a) Questions from members of the public for oral reply.


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One question had been received from a member of the public for oral reply. The question, with the answer given, is set out in Appendix A to these minutes.


One question had been received from a member of the public for written reply. The question, with the answer given, is set out in Appendix B to these minutes.


Nine questions had been received from members of the Council for oral reply. The questions, with the replies given, are set out in Appendix C to these minutes.


Twelve questions had been received from members of the Council for written reply. The questions, with the answers given, are set out in Appendix D to these minutes.




To consider any statements that may be made by the Leader of the Council, Portfolio Holders or Chairmen of Committees.


A statement was made by Councillor Aisha Cuthbert, Portfolio Holder for Sustainability, Green Services and Open Spaces, on the temporary closure of the Churchfields Waste and Recycling Depot and the timetable for its re-opening at the request of Councillors Josh King, Jeremy Adams, Rebecca Arnold, Ryan Thomson and Kevin Kennedy-Brooks.


Councillor Cuthbert explained that she was working hard with officers to ensure that the Centre was re-opened as quickly as possible, but safety for everyone using or working at the site was an absolute priority. The Centre had been closed on 12th September following the collapse of three side-walls. A structural survey had been carried on 22nd September and the Council had received a report on 7th October. The report recommended that eight of the eleven bay walls should be re-constructed and officers were working with a contractor to arrange this. With the complexity of the issues and the potential problems with global supply chains the current estimate was that the Centre could re-open around Christmas. As soon as a more defined timeline was available this would be shared with residents.


Services for trade-waste customers were continuing from Churchfields using a part of the site that had not been damaged, and trade waste customers were encouraged to use Churchfields to relieve the pressure on Waldo Road. Whilst the repairs were being made residents were asked to use the bulky waste and garden waste services, and to use the Waldo Road Centre.


The Portfolio Holder stated that she had visited the Centre and recorded a video for sharing on social media. She added that shouting, swearing or abuse of staff at Churchfields was completely inappropriate, and stated that she would ask officers to check that permits were still being checked by Veolia staff at the depots.


In response to questions, Councillor Cuthbert confirmed that there was a small increase in customers using Waldo Road. There were concerns about congestion and road safety, particularly during the spike of activity at the weekend, that she had asked officers to look at, but she anticipated that the closure would be for a relatively short period and going back to the booking system used during the lockdown was likely to cause more confusion. She also agreed that action was needed to prevent fly-tipping.


Councillor Cuthbert agreed that there needed to be more prominent communication with residents – she would ensure that there was an update every Friday, new signs were being prepared to display at the site itself and there would be more use of social media. She welcomed suggestions that better use should be made of the Residents Associations and MyBromley accounts to inform residents about issues like this, and to encourage use of the webcam to establish whether the Centre was busy or not. She did not accept that maintenance of the facilities at Churchfields had been neglected. Given the current budget pressures, there would not be a temporary waiver or reduction of charges for bulky waste collection or  ...  view the full minutes text for item 42.


Budget Monitoring 2022/23 - Additional Staffing Capacity for Children's Social Care pdf icon PDF 196 KB

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Report CSD22108


A motion to agree that a sum of £2.4m be drawn down from the 2022/23 contingency as detailed in paragraph 3.2.2 to the report to the Executive was moved by Councillor Colin Smith, seconded by Councillor Kate Lymer and CARRIED.


Capital Programme Monitoring - 1st Quarter 2022/23 pdf icon PDF 194 KB

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Report CSD22109


A motion to approve the total increase of £8,478k to the Basic Needs capital scheme, £849k to the Capital Maintenance scheme and £2,443k to the Disabled Facilities Grant capital scheme, as set out in paragraphs 3.5.1 and 3.5.3 to the report to the Executive was moved by Councillor Colin Smith, seconded by Councillor Yvonne Bear and CARRIED.


To consider Motions of which notice has been given. pdf icon PDF 293 KB



(A)  Air Quality


The following motion was moved by Cllr Julie Ireland and seconded by Councillor Chloe-Jane Ross -


“New research has linked air pollution to lung cancer - with particulate matter (PM2.5) being found to trigger cell mutations that turn dormant cells cancerous. This goes some way to explaining why people who have never smoked get lung cancer.


The research was by the Francis Crick Institute and University College London, who presented the findings on 10 September 2022.


This discovery underlines the importance of monitoring PM2.5 as well as NO2. It adds to the weight of evidence about just how much long term damage is being done to the health of all of us, but particularly to our children who are breathing in these particulates that will stay in their bodies for the rest of their life.


We ask Bromley Council to take these urgent steps:


·  Make a formal commitment to improving air quality in the whole Borough, whether urban or rural, and to contribute to the national efforts to improve air quality for everyone in the UK


·  Extend current air quality monitoring in the borough to include formal reporting on particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10)


·  Make impact on air quality a material consideration when making changes to highways, road layouts and junctions


·  Make impact on air quality a material consideration for all planning applications.”


The following amendment was moved by Councillor Aisha Cuthbert and seconded by Cllr Thomas Turrell –


Remove full stop after ‘presented the findings on 10 September 2022’ and insert “via press release”.


Delete all after ‘rest of their life’ in paragraph 3.


Insert after ‘rest of their life’ -


“The Environment and Community Services Policy Development and Scrutiny Committee is asked to scrutinise the findings of PM2.5 once new data becomes available.


Bromley Council is monitoring PM2.5 levels at five different locations across the borough. The data we have collected so far indicates that PM2.5 is not a pollutant of concern locally. We are happy to report that Bromley meets all the national government guidelines, and we will continue seek improvements to our air quality to meet all future government guidelines.


The Council's commitment to being the greenest and cleanest borough in London extends to the quality of our air as well as the visible environment.


The Council is committed to having the cleanest air in London through the measures set out in our ambitious Air Quality Action Plan also sets out clear ways we will monitor pollution and improve air quality such as: anti idling campaigns, promoting walking to school initiatives, monitoring air quality at construction sites and seeking out new funding opportunities. Our ambition is to continue to improve our air quality, so we continue to have some of the cleanest air in London. Our air quality data is a positive indication that our air quality is improving and are committed to continuing this positive trajectory.


The Council also welcomes the commitment to protect and enhance the open and green spaces across  ...  view the full minutes text for item 45.


The Mayor's announcements and communications.


The Mayor thanked colleagues who had attended the events following the death of Her Late Majesty The Queen, and also the event on Ukraine Independence Day, 24th August, supported by the Rotary Clubs.


The Mayor also informed Members about the following events –


·  A Charity Appeal Dinner on Thursday 20th October 2022 at Copper Ceylon in East Street, Bromley. 


·  A Charity Ball at Oakley House on Saturday 19th November. 


·  The Concert originally scheduled for 24th September which had now been rearranged for Saturday 3rd December at 7.30pm at the Civic Centre in the Great Hall.


·  A Whisky Tasting Burns night in January.


·  A special dinner at the Honorable Artillery Company in the Spring (further details to follow.)


·  The Mayor’s annual quiz scheduled for Friday 24th February at Crofton Halls.


·  The prize draw to win a Spitfire flight.


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