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Apologies had been received from Alex Dean – Affinity Sutton, Mark Henderson – MSE UK, Jim Kehoe – LBB Chief Planner, Mike Lewis – Michael Rogers LLP, Stella Marshall – LBB NEET Support Programme Officer, Kate Miller – intu Bromley and Madeleine Williams Access Europe Network.





RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 14th July 2015 be agreed.





Steve Heeley, Borough Engagement Manager (South), Transport for London provided an update on the proposed extension of the Bakerloo Line and other transport initiatives.


A consultation had been undertaken during Autumn 2014 around the potential to extend the Bakerloo line to Lewisham and to Hayes to help provide increased connectivity and capacity for South East London to meet the needs of an increasing population.


There had been 15,000 responses to the consultation, of which 96% supported the proposed extension. 30% of respondents supported terminating the extension at Lewisham and 56% of respondents supported terminating the extension at Beckenham Junction and Hayes.  60% of respondents had also supported an extension to Bromley Town Centre.  Transport for London published a response to the key issues raised during the consultation in September 2015, and an assessment of the consulted and alternative routes and destinations would be published in early 2016, when a further consultation would be undertaken.  Transport for London would continue to work with stakeholders on the development of the extension options, including further work on the proposed route in relation to Old Kent Road, and it was expected that a consultation on the preferred option for the proposed Bakerloo Line extension would be undertaken in Autumn 2016.


Mr Heeley informed the Partnership that a key problem facing Government and TfL was the problem of population growth, which in turn was expected to increase the number of jobs in London. It was clear the scale of this projection would be challenging for housing, facilities and for infrastructure. This meant that London wide transport investment was required, and TfL were looking to invest across:


·  London Underground

·  River Crossings

·  Cycle Superhighways and the cycle network

·  Bakerloo Line Extension

·  Maintenance of the Road and Rail Network


Mr Heeley continued by clarifying that TfL would continue to liaise with all the relevant stakeholders concerning the Bakerloo Line Extension, but that it was clear that London required significant investment in Transport and Housing. He was optimistic that the Bakerloo line extension would contribute positively to the various challenges that London faced. He cautioned that sourcing funding for the extension still remained a challenge and had not yet been confirmed.


Mr Heeley outlined the current problems that were affecting South London rail generally, and these were:


·  Low frequencies

·  Reliability issues

·  Slow line speeds and low acceleration trains

·  Overcrowding

·  Unattractive and uncared for stations


Plans to improve the south east London rail network included the Bakerloo line extension and an improved interchange station at Lewisham. There was also the possibility to increase “metro” services through investment in rolling stock and signalling. A study was also being undertaken to look at extending overground rail services to Bromley North. TfL were awaiting Thameslink timetabling to see if the Bromley North extension was feasible.


Ms Katy Woolcott asked if the proposed extension may cause delays for other underground stations. Mr Heeley answered that as part of the Bakerloo line extension, signalling upgrades were planned. It was expected that the signalling  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.




This item was deferred to a later meeting of the Bromley Economic Partnership.




Members of the Partnership gave an update around progress across the main themes of the Partnership.




Mr Kevin Munnelly gave an update on Town Centre Development across the Borough.


Progress was continuing across the sites that made up the Bromley Town Centre Area Action Plan.  Work was underway to develop options and a revised costing plan with relation to Site G: West of the High Street, and the planning application for the hotel and residential scheme at Site C: Town Hall had been considered at the meeting of Development Control Committee on 8th September 2015 and had been granted, subject to the prior completion of a Section 106 agreement. It was hoped that a final decision be made on this in December 2015. A Housing Zone application had been made to the GLA which due to be considered on the 14th October 2015. The Chairman requested that Mr Munnelly bring back some plans and diagrams to the next meeting. 


Mr Munnelly informed the Partnership that LBB had secured funding from the New Homes Bonus, and would be hoping to secure financial aid for small and medium sized businesses, in order to promote an environment conducive to balanced employment. With reference to Biggin Hill, it was hoped that plans could be developed to build a business and training centre on site. A modelling and feasibility study was taking place for this, and it was hoped to secure GLA funding. An update would be provided to the Partnership in due course.


In terms of development across the Borough, work was progressing to implement improvements to Beckenham town centre, and the Council’s Executive had approved the adoption of the Beckenham Town Centre Conservation Area at its meeting on 10th June 2015.  Funding through the New Homes Bonus had been secured by the Local Authority for four projects across the Borough based in Penge, Orpington, Biggin Hill and the Cray Business corridor. 




1)  Mr Munnelly update the Partnership at the next meeting concerning LBB’s Housing Zone application


2)  Mr Munnelly update the Partnership in due course concerning plans to develop a business and training centre at Biggin Hill. 




The Chairman informed members of the Partnership that a consultation was being undertaken on the Bromley Local Plan Draft Allocations, Further Policies and Designations document, and this consultation ran until 31st October 2015. Members of the Partnership were encouraged by the Chairman to look at the Local Plan via the website: www.bromley,, and provide comments.



RESOLVED that the update on the Local Plan be noted.




The Head of Town Centre Management and Business Support gave an update on progress across the main Partnership themes of Town Centre Management and Business Support in Quarter 2 2015/16.


The Local Authority continued to maintain direct contact with the Orpington 1st Business Improvement District (BID) Board which was delivering a range of events and initiatives within Orpington town centre. It was noted that progress was being made with the Bromley BID proposal, and that a business plan had been distributed to 550 businesses and voting was currently taking place. The result of the Bromley BID would be known on the 6th November 2015. Some members of the Partnership who were eligible to vote in the ballot should have received a BID proposal document and a ballot paper. The Bromley BID proposal focused on making Bromley Safer, Smarter, Prominent and Pro Business. 


The Bromley Town Centre Manager was currently completing a review of the operation, location and offer of Bromley’s three day market, and the results of this had been incorporated into the designs for the public realm upgrade project for Bromley High Street. The Beckenham Town Centre Manager had supported Town Centre teams in Beckenham and Penge, the Beckenham Member Working Group and the Penge Traders Association, and had led the procurement process for Christmas lights and installation services in the Borough’s main towns.  Work had been ongoing to drive forward the Purple Flag project to support Beckenham’s night time economy – with a submission of the application expected imminently.


The Town Centre Management and Business Support Service had worked closely with various organisations to deliver a programme of support and networking opportunities for local businesses. The bi-monthly Business e-Bulletin continued to be sent out to businesses across the Borough, and an online Commercial Property Database for the Borough had been commissioned and was now available on the Council website.


The Head of Town Centre Management and Business Support appraised the Partnership that an audit of vacant business premises had taken place, and that the percentage of business units vacant in Bromley Town Centre had fallen from 6.5% to 5% which was good news; in Beckenham the figure was 5%, and in Penge it was 6.4%. Work was continuing on improving the alleyways in Beckenham, and a contractor had now been appointed.  Mr Steve Nelson (South East London Chamber of Commerce) informed the Partnership that he had recently attended the launch of a Social Enterprise network that had proved very successful, with a diverse range of attendees. Mr Pinnell agreed to circulate further information on this initiative to the members of the Partnership.


Future activities for the Town Centre Management and Business Support Service included:


  • Supporting the Bromley BID Working Group during the remaining ballot period and if successful at ballot during the establishment phase.
  • Assisting the Beckenham Town Centre Team and the Beckenham Town Centre Working Group in engaging with businesses on designs for the major Transport for London funded scheme for Beckenham
  • Delivery of the Town Centre  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5c




Lesley Holland, (Operations Manager, Bromley Education Business Partnership), gave an update on the Bromley Youth Employment Project (Round 2) which had been developed by the Local Authority to support sustainable employment opportunities for young people who were unemployed.


The key outcomes over the two year project included creating 100 employment opportunities for young people, getting 500 employers participating in awareness raising events, offering one to one support for 200 employers, and creating 25 employment or work experience opportunities within the voluntary and community sector. It was also aimed to deliver employability support to 900 students, enhanced employment opportunities for 25 Looked After Children, targeted mentoring support for 40 Jobseekers Allowance claimants aged 18-24 years, and to support 100 young people into contracted employment lasting a minimum of six months. 


Members of the Partnership were advised that since the project had been launched in August 2014, a number of young people had been supported into employment and the programme was on track.  Efforts continued to promote the value of work experience placements, apprenticeships and traineeships to employers, and a number of work placements with the Local Authority and other organisations had been arranged for Looked After Children during Summer 2015.  Following school employability events held during the 2014/15 academic year, young people had been self-referring to the project to access support into employment as they left full-time education, and twelve additional school employability events would be held during the 2015/16 academic year. 


Ms Holland concluded by informing the Partnership that she had recently met with Mytime Active, and that she would like to meet with Biggin Hill Airport in the near future.


Colin Maclean, (Community Links Bromley), confirmed that the graduate intern recruited to develop work experience placements, traineeships and apprenticeships across the voluntary and community sector was in place and had already identified six placements and two paid internship opportunities.


RESOLVED that the update on the Bromley Youth Employment Project be noted.





Updates are provided in the relevant sub sections.









Katy Woolcott, London Biggin Hill Airport provided an update on developments at London Biggin Hill Airport following its identification as a Strategic Outer London Development Centre in the London Plan, and as part of the LoCATE (London Centre for Aviation Technology and Enterprise) project which brought together a cluster of modern aviation-related businesses at and around London Biggin Hill Airport to support continued economic development in the area.


Negotiations with the Local Authority were ongoing in respect of agreeing an extension of the airport’s operating hours, and London Biggin Hill Airport continued to contribute to the development of the Bromley Local Plan.  Work was also being undertaken with Bromley College of Further and Higher Education towards the potential establishment of an aviation training college. 


Katy Woolcott (London Biggin Hill Airport) informed the Partnership that the units on the Airport were filled to capacity and that she regarded the Local Plan as progressive. There was a need to relocate smaller tenants to what Ms Woolcott referred to as the “East Camp”. She was keen to emphasise the need to develop a competitive airport alongside the right planning policy wording.


Ms Woolcott stressed the importance of the forthcoming meeting of the Full Council and the Executive on 25th November 2015. At these meetings, decisions would be made concerning the opening hours of the Airport which would be critical.




Robert Sargent, Acorn Commercial confirmed that the commercial property market continued to be strong.  There was some concern over the loss of commercial space due to conversion under permitted development rights and, as the amount of available office space in the Borough reduced, rents would start to increase. 





Mr Colin Maclean, (Community Links Bromley) was pleased to advise the Partnership that their Youth Employment Project was proving successful. They had employed a graduate intern who had been making a positive impact.  Joanne Elgood attended with Mr Maclean and had been working with Community Links for 7 days. Mr Maclean gave several examples of voluntary work placements that had ended with permanent work contracts. There was going to be a conference for the Voluntary Services Sector on the 18th November 2015, where the benefits of the Youth Employment Project would be sold to larger employers. The Chief Executives of Bromley CCG and LBB would be attending.




Members of the Partnership had undertaken a range of activities since the last meeting.


Kate Miller (General Manager intu Bromley) was not present at the meeting but provided a written update to the Partnership as follows:


Intu Bromley Shopping Centre:


·  In September footfall was down v last year, a pattern that was seen nationally

·  Some retailers were still performing very strongly—especially the newer brands in the centre

·  The centre was shortlisted for a British Council of Shopping Centres Gold Award for the mall refurbishment, new toilets, baby change and disabled changing facilities. The result of the nomination was due in December 2015

·  The centre had recently won an award for its work with the Bromley Dementia Action Alliance—work that was going to continue throughout 2016

·  Recent new tenants included Ecco Shoes and Phone Tech. Jack Wills was to open in the next few days. Three new units were due to open before Christmas.

·  The Queen’s Gardens restaurant development was continuing to plan. Negotiations were ongoing with a  fifth tenant to take the final unit

·  The Christmas Grotto was due to open on 16th November

·  “Black Friday” was scheduled for Friday 27th November-centre open from 8.00am to 7.00pm

·  Extended trading hours would commence from Monday 30th November


Ms Miller was keen to look at opportunities around Sunday trading hours, and requested an update on this. 


Dave Freeborn, Proctors, noted that there continued to be a high level of interest in land development in Bromley.


Sharon Baldwin, Manager, Orpington 1st BID Company was pleased to announce that a number of events had recently been held, including the Big O Festival, a charity golf day and the launch of the Orpington 1st Business Programme. She informed the Partnership that the Priory Live Music Festival that took place on the 16th August 2015 had been a great success, was well attended, and ended with a firework display. Orpington celebrated pedal power in the High Street through Orpington 1st’s Cycle Mania event on 20th September 2015. Closed off to motor vehicles, a large part of the High Street was given over to the event, with a number of cycle based attractions for all the family. One of the main attractions was a bike stunt team. The MET Police promoted their “Changing Places Project”; on this occasion cyclists were able to change places with a lorry driver and sit in the cab of a lorry, illustrating visibility limits experienced by lorry drivers.


A photographic competition was run by Orpington Photographic Society, which was also a great success. It was hoped that a display of the entries could be set up at Bromley College. Preparations were being made for Christmas, and for the switching on of the Christmas lights. This was scheduled to take place on the 19th November 2015, when the main road would be closed.


Ms Baldwin continued by informing the Partnership that Pubwatch had been launched in Orpington, and that so far 8 pubs had signed  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6d




Members of the Partnership considered the forward rolling work programme for the Bromley Economic Partnership for 2015/16.


In considering the next meeting of the Partnership, the Chairman requested that representatives of Cathedral Group PLC be invited to discuss the St Mark’s Square and Old Town Hall developments, and that an update be provided on the proposed development of Crystal Palace Park.


The Chairman requested that the presentation on EU Funding Opportunities be scheduled for the next meeting.


RESOLVED that the update on the Work Programme be noted.  




No other business was brought to the meeting.



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