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General Purposes and Licensing Committee

This page lists the meetings for General Purposes and Licensing Committee.


Information about General Purposes and Licensing Committee

Please note that the meeting on 30th September 2020 will be held as a virtual meeting which can be viewed online. Details of how to observe the meeting will be published on the agenda front-sheet.


The General Purposes and Licensing Committee is responsible for the following non-executive functions of the Council:


·  electoral issues;

·  making byelaws;

·  administration of the Local Government Pension Scheme;

·  staffing matters;

·  probity strategy;

·  audit;

·  open government;

·  fraud prevention;

·  complaint procedures;

·  Member appointments;

·  health and safety;

·  licensing of births, deaths and marriages; and

·  licensing matters.


Some decisions on these matters are delegated to appropriate officers.


In accordance with the Council’s Constitution, questions from the public that are not specific to reports on the agenda must have been received in writing by 5pm, 10 working days before the date of the meeting. The deadlines are expected to be:


Meeting on 30th September 2020: 16th September 2020

Meeting on 2nd December 2020: 18th November 2020

Meeting on 9th February 2021: 26th January 2021

Meeting on 23rd March 2021: 9th March 2021


Questions specifically on reports on the agenda should be received within two working days of the normal publication date of the agenda. The deadline is given on each agenda. 


At special meetings, only questions relating to reports on the agenda are taken.


During the Covid 19 pandemic only written answers will be provided.


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