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Children, Education and Families PDS Committee

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Information about Children, Education and Families PDS Committee

The Children, Education & Families PDS Committee examines executive decisions, monitors performance and develops and reviews policy on the Council’s education function, including the opportunities for education, training and learning outside the school environment and pre-school learning.  The Committee also examines executive decisions and reviews policy on care services for children and families, children with special needs, fostering and adoption and family support services.  These policies include the development of various plans and working with partner organisations and groups. 


In accordance with the Council’s Constitution, questions from the public that are not specific to reports on the agenda must have been received in writing by 5pm, 10 working days before the date of the meeting. The deadlines are expected to be:


Meeting on 26th January 2021: 5pm on Tuesday 12th January 2021

Meeting on 10th March 2021: 5pm on Wednesday 24th February 2021



Questions specifically on reports on the agenda should be received within two working days of the normal publication date of the agenda. The deadline is given on each agenda. 


During the Covid-19 pandemic only written replies will be provided.





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