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The Major Scheme Update was provided by Mr Stephen Oliver.


The Chairman enquired if Julian East from East Architects would be attending. Mr Oliver responded that it was more cost effective in this case if he presented. It was confirmed that the budget for the major scheme was now £4.6m, and that the funding for this was going to be provided by LBB and the Mayor for London. Final approval from TfL was awaited, but it was not anticipated that there would be any problems.


Mr Oliver distributed A3 colour copies of plans. The Group noted the plans showed a long timber bench seating and a monolith that would be located outside Beckenham Junction Station. There would also be “Legible London” signage. It was suggested that it would be good to have a proper fixed base for the flower stall to operate from.


Mr Oliver outlined the plans for the area around Beckenham Green and the Train Station. It was noted that some of the existing signage would be retained, and that new Sheffield type stainless steel cycle stands would be installed. There would be new pedestrian islands and new carriageway surface material would be set flush at crossing points, and 60mm below kerb level elsewhere. The existing planters would be removed and replaced with new brick and precast concrete planter seats. There would be new surface treatment and facilities provided to facilitate market stalls. New tree lights would be provided and new power bollards for the market would be installed. The Purple Flag would be displayed on a pole. The Chairman hoped that there would be three flagpoles that would be illuminated. Mr Goy stated that he was not impressed with the designs for the new planters or the cycle stands. 


When brindled paving was being discussed, Janice Pilgrim (Kent Association for the Blind) raised the point that highly contrasting colours of mottled paving mixed together, such as dark blue/black, cream and red, could be extremely hazardous for sight impaired people as, it was difficult to tell whether there was just a change in colour or also a change in level.


The Group heard that in the vicinity of the Odeon Cinema there would be a new paved area of granite and new bound or bonded gravel paving. There would also be an “O” shaped bench in the cinema grounds. It was noted that the Post Office lease was ending, and it was likely that the current post office would close, and counter services would move into nearby retail units.


Reference was made to the possibility of coloured lights being embedded into pavements to enhance the experience of people using the area. Janice Pilgrim made the point that people with sight impairment would struggle greatly with these, as they would exacerbate the depth perception difficulties that people with sight impairment have when mobilising in poor daylight conditions. They may also make the pavement look as though it were moving, and would be hazardous.


Mr Munnelly stated that the feedback on the lanterns was noted, and that revised ideas would be circulated in due course. 


RESOLVED that the feedback provided by the Group concerning street lighting be noted, and that revised ideas be presented at the next meeting.   


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