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SACRE members had been provided with a copy of the Annual Report 2017-2018. The SACRE RE Advisor drew the attention of members to the table ‘GCSE Full Course in Religious Studies 2013-18’ on page 22 of the agenda pack. There was a bold line after the data for 2017, due to the new GCSE specifications and new marking schemes having been implemented from 2018. There was now a new marking structure to replace the grading system. Grade 4 was considered to be a ‘standard pass’, and Grades 9-5 were considered to be a ‘strong pass’.


The information regarding the number of exam entries per school, at both GCSE and A Level, had been presented in a table to show the changes in numbers more clearly, with substantial increase or decreases in the number of entries being highlighted in green or red. In future reports, each year’s results could then be added to the table, allowing readers to see any trends that were developing. A member noted that the number of GCSE entrants at Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley had dropped from 106 to 0. The SACRE RE Advisor responded that most schools taught the course over two years, but some taught it over a year which would be under the old specification and the results would not count.


A member considered that it would be interesting to compare the Religious Studies exam statistics with the result of Maths, Literacy and other popular subjects. The Chairman responded that there was not the scope to do so in this report, but agreed that it would be fascinating to see the outcome. The SACRE RE Advisor noted that if this information was available, it was something that could be included in the Agreed Syllabus.



A member enquired as to how Bromley’s number of entrants for the Religious Studies courses compared to national figures. The SACRE RE Advisor responded that she had not been provided with that data form the Local Authority, and when trying to research it herself, had found that each website listed varying figures. The LBB Head of School Standards said she did not believe that the Local Authority held this data, but that she would ask.

   ACTION: LBB Head of School Standards


A member noted that the number of entrants for the GCSE Full Course in Religious Studies had increased at Coopers School, Newstead Wood School and The Ravensbourne School. The SACRE RE Advisor said that if these schools attended the secondary RE network meeting, she would be speaking with them about what they had done to increase the number of entrants.


The SACRE RE Advisor informed members that in future Annual Reports, there was the possibility of having a section to demonstrate how the SACRE would and / or could contribute to the priorities of the Local Authority. The LBB Head of Service for Early Years, Schools Standards and Adult Education advised members that each Head of Service within the Local Authority would have their own service priorities that related to ‘Building a Better Bromley’. Following a discussion, members considered that there would be Education priorities that could be included, as well as priorities of other bodies, such as the Bromley Youth Council, Independent Advisory Group and Safer Neighbourhood Board, which could be linked in.


Following a discussion, members agreed that they were happy to approve the Bromley SACRE Annual Report 2017-2018. The SACRE RE Advisor informed members that the document would now be forwarded on to NASACRE and the Department for Education, and would be published on the Council’s website.          ACTION: Clerk


RESOLVED that the SACRE Annual Report 2017-2018 be agreed.

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