Agenda item

(20/00007/FULL5) - Land Rear of 65 Clarendon Way, Leesons Hill, Chislehurst Road




Description amended to read:- Replacement of existing 10.7m high monopole with a 12.5m high monopole supporting 6No. antennae within a shroud. 


It was reported that further objections to the application had been received and circulated to Members.


It was also reported that updated drawings had been received and circulated to Members.


The Development Management Area Team Leader reported that the application currently being considered related solely to the monopole and therefore the recommended condition 5 should be removed. 


Committee Member and Ward Member Councillor Terry spoke in objection to the application and circulated comparable appeal decisions which supported a case for refusal. Councillor Terry’s comments, together with the circulated documents can be viewed at Annex A to these Minutes. 


Members having considered the report and objections, RESOLVED that the application BE REFUSED for the following reason:-


1 The proposed equipment, by reason of its height, siting and design, would constitute an obtrusive and highly prominent feature in the street scene that appears out of character and is detrimental to the visual and residential amenities of the surrounding area. This is contrary to Policies 37 and 89 of the Bromley Local Plan. 


Supporting documents: