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(20/00659/FULL5) - Transmitter Mast 802348 Sea Cadets TS Narvik, Magpie Hall Lane, Bromley. BR2 8JE




Description of application – The removal and replacement of the existing antenna (supporting flagpole to remain in situ) and 2No. existing equipment cabinets with a 20 metre high monopole and 6 No. upgraded equipment

cabinets, and ancillary development.


The following correction was made to page 7 paragraph 5.15 of the Assistant Director, Planning and Building Control’s report.


‘15 From this information it would appear that the additional trips in Moat Close are unlikely to be significant and I have no information that would contradict this.  Consequently I think it would be hard to justify a ground of refusal.’


RECOMMENDED that PERMISSION be GRANTED as recommended,subject to the conditions set out in the report of the Assistant Director, (Planning and Building Control) with a further condition:-

“5. Before the operation of the development hereby permitted the mast shall be painted in Green-RAL6009 (Fir Green). Thereafter the facility shall be retained in that colour and kept free of graffiti.

REASON: In the interest of the visual amenities of the area and to accord with Policies 37 and 89 of the Bromley Local Plan.


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