Agenda item

(21/00910/PLUD) - 25 Woodland Way, Petts Wood, Orpington, BR5 1NB




Description of application – Conversion of existing roof space to a habitable room including formation of a gable end with enlarged side window and rear dormer LAWFUL DEVELOPMENT CERTIFICATE (PROPOSED).


Councillor Fawthrop considered that the proposed development should be more in keeping with the area. In this regard, he moved that the application be deferred to invite the applicant to submit a full application for a half-hip to gable which would be more suitable. The Chairman agreed, adding that while accepting that the work could be carried out under current legislation, there was no harm in giving the applicant the opportunity to work in line with the Council’s perception of roof policy in Petts Wood.


Members having considered the report, RESOLVED that the application BE DEFERRED without prejudice to any future consideration, to invite a full application for a half hip extension.

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