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Report ACH22-009


The Board considered a report providing a summary of the current work of the Integrated Commissioning Board (ICB).


The Integrated Commissioning Board provided leadership, strategic oversight and direction for all health and social care integrated commissioning programmes and processes undertaken jointly by Bromley health and care partner agencies. Key responsibilities included:

  • Leading and directing arrangements for integrated commissioning of health and social care within the borough of Bromley;
  • Supporting the work of the Health and Wellbeing Board in delivery of the key priorities identified in the Health and Wellbeing Strategy;
  • Overseeing the management of joint resources that enabled effective integrated commissioning programmes;
  • Producing a Local Plan, which allowed the Council and SEL CCG (Bromley) to draw down the Better Care Fund (BCF);
  • Develop a co-ordinated approach to managing and developing the local provider market across health and care services; and
  • Ensuring the SEL CCG (Bromley) and the Council were well positioned to meet the emerging requirements from legislation, national/regional policy or best practice guidance.


A key outcome of the Board’s work in 2019/20 was the creation of an Integrated Commissioning Service that brought together the health and care commissioning teams for out of hospital and community services from across the Council and the Bromley Borough service from South East London CCG. Led by the Assistant Director for Integrated Commissioning, who worked across the Council and CCG, this new service now played a key role in supporting the work of the Board. The new service was established in April 2020.


The Bromley Borough Director noted that a huge amount of joint working was being undertaken, including the SPA, All Ages Autism Board Action Plan and Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) Programme. New projects included:

  • Mental Health Recovery and Rehab/Support and Accommodation – recommissioning of supported rehabilitative accommodation schemes; and,
  • Bromley Healthcare Assurance – a sub-group of the Board was leading on assurance of Bromley Healthcare Services following the publication of their CQC inspection report in February 2022.


It was noted that as the new Integrated Care Service arrangements for south east London come into effect on 1st July 2022, the work of the ICB would become increasingly important. The Director of Adult Social Care agreed that Bromley was well placed to move to the new integrated ways of working across south east London.


In response to a question from the Vice-Chairman, the Bromley Borough Director noted that the waiting times for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) Programme had lengthened due to the impact of the pandemic. It was noted that there were also issues with workforce capacity, however they were looking at new models to address this issue. The waiting times for Bromley Y (tier 2) were not affected, but CAMHS (tier 3) were being carefully monitored and additional services added. The Chairman requested that the Bromley Borough Director and Director of Children’s Social Care provide an update to Board Members following the meeting.


In response to further questions from the Vice-Chairman, the Bromley Borough Director advised that they were looking to improve children’s therapies for speech and language. It was noted that there had been workforce issues and they were in the process of recruiting to provide additional occupational therapy services to support children in Bromley. A Member suggested that early intervention needed to be made a priority and considered that a deep dive may be required to identify if this was a wider issue. With regards to the proposal for a new free school in Bromley, the Director of Adult Social Care advised that an update could be requested from the Director of Education following the meeting.



The Bromley Borough Director provided an update on the development of the South East London Integrated Care Partnership and One Bromley. A copy of the presentation is attached at Appendix A.


A Board Member advised that the CCG had agreed to fund a post across all six boroughs which would represent the voluntary and community sector on the partnership board. Community Links Bromley would host the role and this opportunity should be communicated when the post was advertised. It was considered that there needed to be conversations regarding participation and what contribution Bromley could make towards the priority of building resilient communities.


The Vice-Chairman noted that there had been a number of changes made to the system over several years – he hoped that these proposals would be positive for the residents of Bromley. The Portfolio Holder for Adult Care and Health echoed the comments made by the Bromley Borough Director and considered that Bromley was well placed to move to the new arrangements. The presentations received by the Board during the meeting highlighted the benefits already being provided by the system in Bromley. The GP Clinical Lead – SEL CCG said that it was important for Bromley to move forward and strengthen relationships, including bringing providers and the voluntary sector together. Providers were delivering good standards of care and making early diagnosis – improvements had been made due to the changes across south east London. The Chairman noted that the changes were modelled on what was already being done in Bromley – residents were seeing the benefits and could help shape the future agenda.


RESOLVED that the Integrated Commissioning Board update be noted.

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