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A Member referred to the Investment Property Report which was now being moved to September. He asked if the Operational Property Report would also now be presented at the September meeting. The report could then be discussed at the September meeting of the Executive. The Director of Finance confirmed that it was intended that the Operational Property Report would indeed go to the September meeting or very soon after that. It would definitely need to be scrutinised in advance of any decisions regarding the Budget and Capital Programme expenditure. The Chairman commented that it would be good if both reports could be taken at the same time.


A Member referenced the report regarding the Health and Wellbeing Centre which had originally been scheduled for May. He wondered what the delay was, and as this was a health related matter, why it was coming to the Executive Resources and Contracts Committee. It was clarified that property and investment matters came to the Executive Resources and Contracts Committee and also that this report related to a ‘disposal’. The delay surrounding the report was because the health organisation concerned had not confirmed final proposals.


A Member referred to the Section 106 Agreements update report which was scheduled for the October meeting. She mentioned that previously a working group had been set up to discuss these matters and was wondering if this working group was ongoing. It was noted that Councillor Marlow had chaired this group and that conclusions were drawn and recommendations carried forward. It had been determined that Section 106 matters would be discussed by individual PDS committees. The original working group had been wound up approximately 18 months to two years ago.


A Member referenced the report with respect to the award of contracts for capital works at Redhill School and wondered why this had been scheduled in for February 2023 instead of September 2022. The Chairman said the response to this question would be forwarded to the Member in writing.


It was noted that the IT Procurement Report had been moved to September.


A Member commented that as Section 106 agreements had been replaced by CIL, would the Committee be receiving reports on CIL updates. The Chairman responded and said that Section 106  agreements were still operative and that the Council was still able to enter into both agreements.  


A Member stated that many emails were being sent in from the public with respect to Biggin Hill Airport. He hoped that these emails were being picked up by the relevant officer and that the various issues would be incorporated into, and addressed in the report coming to the Committee in September.


A Member asked how it was decided what  the Committee would look at and discuss. The Chairman responded and said it would be good practise to raise matters with the Chairman initially. Every Member had a right to ask for issues to be raised.


A Member queried why the Civic Centre Development Scheme was not scheduled on the Work Programme. The Director of Finance confirmed that the matter was definitely being worked on and was in hand. It was anticipated that the report would be presented to the Committee either in September or shortly after that.


RESOLVED that the Matters Outstanding and Work Programme Report be noted.





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