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A Member expressed concern regarding a possible risk with respect to the resources allocated to the Council's Finance Team, particularly in view of the comments made by the External Auditor. The HAA said that she would consult with the Director of Finance to see if the finance resource risk should be added to the Finance Risk Register.


The Head of Audit and Assurance (HAA) explained the difference between gross risks and net risks. Net risks were those risks that remained despite the application of controls and mitigation. A Member expressed the view that given budgetary pressures, special educational needs transport should have been categorised as a higher risk. The HAA said that she would discuss this with the relevant director.


The Chairman advised Members that if they wanted to raise particular concerns they should let him know and if needed he could arrange for the relevant officer to attend the Committee. The Vice Chairman said that any matters of concern highlighted by the Audit and Risk Management Committee could be referred to the relevant PDS committee for more detailed scrutiny. A Member said that the new ‘heat maps’ format for departmental risks should be provided to scrutiny committees.


It was noted that Risks were assessed by each department. Fraud was not noted on the departmental Risk Registers and it was therefore acknowledged that this was a gap that ideally should be filled.


RESOLVED that the Risk Management Report along with the new ‘heat map’ format for Departmental Risks be noted.

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