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The Street Enforcement Manager said that a new fly tipping database was being developed and he was hoping to see an increase in actions in the coming year. He had developed new templates that would be used for notices that would be served based on Section 108 of the Environment Act 1995. He highlighted various cases that were going to court in the next few months. The Council were working with Veolia to increase patrols and enforcement actions. There was mention of the campaign initiated by Veolia called ‘Your Waste was Your Responsibility’ which seemed to be a successful campaign.


The Street Enforcement Manager informed the Committee that bulky household waste was the main type of fly-tipping in Bromley. In line with Defra recommendations, the Council was adopting a policy of supplementing enforcement action with engagement. This approach was adopted during a site visit to Mottingham on the 24th of August 2022. This campaign was supplemented by banners on Veolia vehicles highlighting how bulky waste should be correctly disposed of. The campaign had been shortlisted for ‘Campaign of the Year’ at the National Recycling Awards which was due to take place on the 6th of December 2022.


The Street Enforcement Manager explained that in some cases cautions were used when it was not in the public interest to prosecute. There was currently a live warrant outstanding for the owner of a skip company who had failed to attend court. An operation had been conducted jointly with the Met Police recently and two vehicles had been seized. That particular case was due to be heard in court on the 13th of December 2022. Further live investigations were underway. Also on the 13th of December, another case was being heard in court concerning a waste carrier who had failed to produce written transfer notes on request.


The Committee was interested to note that new CCTV was being introduced along with artificial intelligence, which would report immediate changes to the landscape and send images of fly tipping to the Enforcement Team so that officers could respond quickly. More training was also planned for officers. Partnership work was being undertaken with Kent and Sevenoaks Council.


A Member enquired about the recovery of court costs and if this data was available. The Street Enforcement Manager responded and said that the Council did have a cost schedule and that this detail was available. It was agreed that some detail concerning this would be provided on the Matters Arising report at the next meeting.


Members discussed the issue of dog fouling and the actions that were being undertaken by Ward Security and Veolia with respect to both dog fouling and littering. It was felt that ‘dog fouling signage’ was effective and that this should be used as a deterrent measure along with increased publicity regarding prosecutions. 





The Fly Tipping Action Plan update be noted and that an update be provided on the Matters Arising report at the next meeting concerning the allocation of court costs with respect to fly-tipping prosecutions.

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