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It was noted that this report was not specifically concerning dangerous dogs which was a matter for alternative legislation. A public consultation had been undertaken regarding the proposed measures which had commenced on the 28th of April 2023 and ended on the 31st of May 2023. The report concerned a number of proposed changes to powers of the Council relating to those in charge of dogs through the implementation of a Public Space Protection Order.


It was commented that there had been 3000 responses to the consultation, as well as 100 emails and a petition of 2000 respondents. The report considered the key issues arising from the responses, and in particular the number of dogs that could be walked on leads, and the locations where they would not be allowed off leads, with restrictions regarding certain locations such as water bodies. In drafting the proposed Order, consideration was also given to the guidance provided by the Pet Industry Federation, supported by the RSPCA, The Dogs Trust and other animal welfare bodies.


Under the new proposals, the maximum number of dogs that could be walked without a licence would be 3, but would be 4 with a licence issued by the Council. Dogs would be permitted off the lead in parks and greenspaces with the exception of certain exclusion zones, such as children’s playgrounds. It had been originally proposed that dogs would not be allowed within 30 feet of water bodies. This element had been removed, however dogs would not be allowed into the water body itself. 


The notification of the proposed changes would involve new signage and a raising awareness campaign which would be supported by targeted patrols where subsequent enforcement action may be taken.


The use of retractable leads was mentioned and it was asked if keeping dogs on leads at all times in parks was considered, and the response was the existing dog controls were reviewed and where the locations leads would be required are described in the proposed PSPO Order. A Member referred to restrictions concerning water bodies and asked what would stop a dog from getting in the water. The Committee heard that there would be a campaign with respect to raising awareness, so that matters would be made clear to the public. Where the close control of dogs on a lead was required, the responsibility would be down to the dog walker.


A Member expressed the view that dog fouling was a bigger problem. It was acknowledged that to police the new guidelines would be difficult and the proposals would be reviewed in three years. During the period of the PSPO, targeted patrols would focus on such issues.


Some comments and questions were addressed to the Chairman and Committee from the public gallery. It was proposed that the start date for the new regulations would be implemented on the 1st of September 2023, to enable the arrangements for the raising awareness campaign and appropriate signage to be put in place. The Committee agreed the recommendations of the report with an additional recommendation that the proposals would come into effect on the 1st of September 2023.


RESOLVED that the Portfolio Holder for Public Protection and Enforcement be recommended to:


1)  Approve the renewal of the Public Space Protection Order (Dog Controls) 2023/2026.


2)  Approve the amendment to the current Public Spaces Protection Order and the Section 59 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014, that a person can be in charge of no more than three (3) dogs at any one time in a public place unless they have a licence issued by Bromley Council.


3)  Approve the reduction in the number of dogs permitted to be walked under licence to four (4) dogs.


4)  Approve the extension of Dogs on Lead designated areas to include all cemeteries, allotments and park cafe seating areas within the administrative area of Bromley.


5)  Approve that the proposed changes be effective from 1st September 2023 for a three-year period.



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