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Description of Application: Proposed demolition of existing bungalow and the construction of two pairs of semi-detached houses (4 x 2 bed units), with off street parking and amenity space.


The Planning Officer explained that there would be four on street parking bays subsequent to one being removed to allow construction access. It was proposed that four new dwellings would be built, each one with two bedrooms. The application was recommended for permission subject to the conditions outlined in the report.


An oral representation in support of the application was received at the meeting.


A discussion took place concerning the possible net loss of parking bays and the fact that the parking survey took place in the evening, whereas there was likely to be more congestion earlier, with clients visiting the dance studio. A Member asked if more parking could be provided and the agent responded that this was not required as the application complied with parking standards. The Chairman suggested that a more comprehensive parking survey may be required. Photos from Ward Councillor Kate Lymer were tabled at the meeting showing parking congestion at the location.  


The Chairman raised the matter of electric charging points, as only two were detailed on the plans as opposed to four. He asked for assurances that four would be provided.


The Chairman asked what measures would be taken for water conservation. The agent responded that such measures could be factored in as a planning condition.


Oral representations from visiting Ward Councillor Kate Lymer in objection to the application were received. She addressed the Committee and requested a deferral. She said that parking stress problems were caused by the busyness of the dance studio in the road, and that the parking stress test was taken at the wrong time. She said that the parking stress test was taken on at 4.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon when there were only two dance classes.


Councillor Lymer expressed the view that the stress test should be undertaken at a transition time when classes were starting and finishing. She stated that the dance studio ran 87 different classes over seven days, as well as regular birthday parties. She reminded the Committee that Bromley had the second highest car ownership ratio in London, and that one car per family, or one car parking space per family would probably not be sufficient. Councillor Lymer requested that a new parking stress test be undertaken at 5:15 pm on a Friday afternoon in school term time and that representatives from Highways should attend simultaneously. She said that as well as the parking stress levels, she was requesting a deferral in the hope that the number of dwellings and (therefore density) could be reduced. She would also like more information regarding plans for water conservation. 


Councillor Kevin Kennedy Brooks moved that the application be permitted and this was seconded by Councillor Ryan Thompson.


Councillor Dean moved that the application be deferred and this was seconded by Councillor Rowlands.  


Members, having considered the report, objections and representations RESOLVED that the application be DEFERRED without prejudice for the following reasons:


1) To conduct an additional parking stress survey at 5:15pm on a Friday during school term to capture the parking situation during class transition time at the adjacent Dance Studio. Bromley Council’s Highway Officers need to visit at the same time.


2) To provide water retention measures within the site for flood risk management.


3) To review the scale of the proposed development in terms of reducing the site density and increase parking, with all parking spaces to have electric charging points.



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