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Description of Application: Part one/two storey rear extension and construction of rear dormer extension with conversion of resultant dwelling into two flats (1 no. three bedroom flat and 1 no. two bedroom flat) with associated refuse storage.


The Planning Officer stated that the application exceeded the minimum space standards and would provide family accommodation with rear gardens; there were no restrictions on converting the family home to flats and there was no significant community impact. There had not been any technical objections received from Highways. The proposal would provide a small contribution to the housing supply. The Planning Department had recommended the application for Permission.


The Planning Officer said that one late objection had been received.


Oral representations in objection to the application were received from Ward Councillor Chloe-Jane Ross.


Councillor Ross pointed out that this was an area characterised by single three bedroom family homes, and expressed concern that if the application was successful it could facilitate a shift to a transient neighbourhood. She summarised the concerns of people living in the area as follows:


·  a reduced sense of community

·  loss of front gardens and garden space

·  loss of family single dwelling homes

·  on street parking implications

·  impact on the local character


Councillor Ross stated that other London boroughs were protecting single dwelling family homes, and that in many other London boroughs, the application would not meet the criteria for recommendation. She expressed the view that the application was out of character with the local area and could set a negative precedent for similar conversions. She pointed out that the London borough of Wandsworth, (when defending appeals where they had refused the conversion of single dwelling family homes to flats), had defended many of these appeals successfully and this indicated that the Planning Inspectorate recognised the need to maintain single dwelling family homes. She said that Bromley needed a good mix of housing, and not just flats.


A discussion arose as to the possibility of the conversion of such properties to HMOs subsequent to being converted to flats. She also referred to the possibility of less protected homes being targeted by developers with the consequent loss of family homes. She recommended that the application be refused.


An oral representation in objection to the application was also received from Ward Councillor Michael Tickner. He expressed the view that the application would create an unwelcome precedent of family homes being converted to apartments. He highlighted that the application was near a Conservation Area. and that no extra parking spaces were proposed. He reminded the Committee that the borough needed a mix of flats and family homes and Beckenham already had many flats. He felt that officers had failed to look at the eight house block as a whole. He described the application as not purpose built, not a good design and out of character for the area, and consequently he urged Members to refuse the application.


Cllr Julie Ireland moved that the application be refused. Councillor Ryan Thompson seconded the motion.


Members, having considered the report, objections and representations, RESOLVED that the application BE REFUSED for the following reasons:



  1. The proposal would have a detrimental impact on the distinctive character of the area, resulting in the loss of a single family dwelling, and an intensity of residential use of the end of terrace dwelling that would not be sympathetic to or consistent with the prevailing pattern of development in The Drive, contrary to Policies 9 and 37 of the Bromley Local Plan (2019).


  1. The proposed sub-division of the property, by reason of its layout, increased intensity and the number of people to be housed, would be detrimental to the amenities of adjoining occupiers by reasons of increased noise and disturbance, contrary to Policy D3 of the London Plan (2021) and Policies 9 and 37 of the Bromley Local Plan (2019).



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