Agenda item

(22/03243/FULL1) - Home Farm, Kemnal Road, Chislehurst, BR7 6LY




Demolition of part of Greenacres, demolition of Polo Mews North, demolition of Polo Mews South and demolition of part of The Bothy. Erection of linking extension between Polo Mews North and Polo Mews South. Erection of a two-storey extension to The Bothy. Establishment of new vineyard. Provision of new solar panel array. Erection of hydrogen energy plant and equipment. Erection of new single storey dwelling. Rearrangement of the internal access roads.


An oral presentation in support of the application was given by visiting Ward Member, Councillor Alison Stammers. It was highlighted to Members that this current application constitutes less overall development than an application for which permission was previously granted. Councillor Stammers stated that in her view the proposal is sympathetic to its surroundings, previous design impacts have been addressed and it would cause minimum harm to the openness of the Green Belt or the character and appearance of the Chislehurst Conservation Area.


In addition Councillor Stammers informed the Committee that there is a significant reduction in tarmac areas, coupled with increased planting. As mentioned in the Report, the bio-diversity net gain was also brought to the Committee’s attention.


An oral presentation in support of the application was then given by the Agent. The points raised by Councillor Stammers were reinforced, together with the innovative design of the application. Special reference was made to the planned hydrogen-powered system for the new house, as it would be the first house in London to use the technology for such a system from this renewable source.


The Committee then discussed the application further, including the need to make a decision based on planning grounds.


A motion to approve the application (against Officers’ recommendations) was then put to the vote but not carried. A motion to refuse was then voted on and carried.


Members, having considered the report, objections and representations, RESOLVED that the APPLICATION BE REFUSED as recommended for the reasons set out in the report.


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