Environment and Community Services Policy Development and Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

Until further notice, meetings of the Environment and Community Services PDS Committee will be virtual meetings. Details of how to join the meetings will be published either on the date the agenda is published or shortly thereafter.

The Environment and Community Services PDS Committee examines executive decisions and reviews policy on transport (highways development, traffic, road safety and parking), street services, waste and recycling and parks and open spaces.


In accordance with the Council’s Constitution, questions from the public that are not specific to reports on the agenda must have been received in writing by 5pm, 10 working days before the date of the meeting. The deadlines are expected to be:


Meeting on 14th January 2021: 5pm on Wednesday, 30th December 2020


Meeting on 11th March 2021: 5pm on Thursday 25th February 2021 


Questions specifically on reports on the agenda should be received within two working days of the normal publication date of the agenda. The deadline is given on each agenda. 


At special meetings, only questions relating to reports on the agenda are taken.


Whilst current restrictions on meetings remain in place, only written answers to questions will be provided.


General queries and questions can be directed to the Committee Clerk at:




Contact information

Support officer: Stephen Wood. 020 8313 4316

Postal address:
W86, West Wing
Bromley Civic Centre
Stockwell Close
Bromley, Kent

Phone: 020 8313 4316

Fax: 020 8290 0608



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