Safer Bromley Partnership Strategic Group

Purpose of committee

The Safer Bromley Partnership is committed to continuously improving safety in Bromley.

The Partnership has a wide range of members including Bromley Council, Bromley Police, Health, Probation and Fire Services, and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime.


Please note that the meeting on Thursday19th March 2020 has been CANCELLED.


In accordance with the Council’s Constitution, questions from the public that are not specific to reports on the agenda must have been received in writing by 5pm, 10 working days before the date of the meeting. The deadlines are expected to be:


19th March 2020:  5.00pm on Thursday, 5th February 2020


Questions specifically on reports on the agenda should be received within two working days of the normal publication date of the agenda. The deadline is given on each agenda. 


At special meetings, only questions relating to reports on the agenda are taken.



  • Janet Bailey   
  • Sharon Baldwin   
  • Anne Ball   
  • Elaine Beadle   
  • Sara Bowrey   
  • Justin Brett   
  • AJ Brooks   
  • Sandra Campbell   
  • Superintendent Colin Carswell   
  • Rachel Dunley   
  • Samantha Evans   
  • Bill Kelly   
  • Chief Inspector Craig Knight   
  • Clare Lewin   
  • Councillor Kate Lymer  (Chairman) 
  • Betty McDonald   
  • Amanda Mumford   
  • Katie Nash   
  • John Owen   
  • Rachel Pankhurst   
  • Philip Powell   
  • Andrew Rogers   
  • Lynn Sellwood   
  • Toby Smith   
  • Lucien Spencer   
  • Joanne Stowell  (Vice-Chairman) 
  • David J Stringer   
  • David Tait   
  • Chloe Todd   
  • Rob Vale   
  • Stephen Wood  (Secretary) 

Contact information

Support officer: Steve Wood. 020 8313 4316

Postal address:
W86, West Wing,
Bromley Civic Centre,
Stockwell Close,
Bromley, Kent.

Phone: 020 8313 4316

Fax: 020 8290 0608



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