Bromley Economic Partnership

Purpose of committee

The purpose of the Partnership is to provide a collaborative and coordinated approach to economic development in the borough.


The principal functions of the Partnership are to:


  Champion the London Borough of Bromley, its local economy and its contribution to the wider London and South East economy as a place to work, study, invest in and do business

  Provide a forum for sharing data related to economic trends and provide a collaborative approach to addressing these economic trends

  Be a mechanism for sharing research, information and best practice on the local economy

  Inform, influence and contribute to the work programmes associated with the Economic Development Plan and monitor progress on these

  Provide a coordinated approach to borough-wide communications on economy, business, employment and skills.

  Share information relevant to the performance of the local economy.


  • Carol Arnfield   
  • Sharon Baldwin   
  • Zoe Carr   
  • Russell Clarke   
  • Christopher Evans   
  • Frances Forrest   
  • Dave Freeborn   
  • Chris Glover   
  • Councillor Hannah Gray   
  • Mark Haynes   
  • Alex Henderson   
  • Gary Hillman   
  • Lesley Holland   
  • Michael Humphries   
  • Denise Kelly   
  • Mike Lewis   
  • Steve Lipscombe   
  • Donald Mars   
  • Marg Mayne   
  • Helen McIntosh FCIPR   
  • Lorraine McQuillan   
  • Councillor Peter Morgan  (Chairman) 
  • Sam Parrett   
  • Emma Santer   
  • Robert Sargent   
  • Chandra Sharma   
  • Caroline Tatchell   
  • Lee Thomas   
  • Katy Woolcott  (Vice-Chairman) 

Contact information

Support officer: Jo Partridge. 020 8461 7694

Postal address:
W86, West Wing
Bromley Civic Centre,
Stockwell Close,
Bromley, Kent

Phone: 020 8461 7694

Fax: 020 8290 0608



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