Issue - decisions

High Streets for All Grant


(1) The allocation of High Streets for All Challenge grant funding totalling £140k be approved, noting that this would be accepted and expended on the interventions included in the funding application, as set out in paragraph 3.13 of the report.


(2) It is noted that the allocated funding must be spent prior to reimbursement by the Greater London Authority


(3) It is noted that this decision is being put before the Executive in accordance with General Exception Rule 15 of the Council’s Access to Information Procedure rules for the following reasons:


(i)  The grant award was confirmed on 7 July 2022, therefore it could not be published on the Council’s Forward Plan 28 days before the decision is made;

(ii)  Due to the funding timescales, it would be impracticable to defer the decision until it has been included in the forward plan and to wait for the next Executive meeting.


(4) It is noted that in accordance with Rule 15 (b) the Chairman of the Renewal, Recreation and Housing PDS Committee has been informed about the decision 5 clear days prior to the decision. Further to this and not required under Rule 15, Members of the Renewal, Recreation and Housing PDS Committee have been provided with a copy of the report for information and for their comment should they wish to do so.