Forward plans

Executive, 2024

The Forward Plan lists matters which are likely to be the subject of key decisions or decisions taken in private meetings through the Council's Executive decision-making structure at least 28 days in advance. The Forward Plan is normally published at least 28 days before each scheduled meeting of the Executive.

Within Bromley, key decisions will be taken, depending on the issue, by the Council’s Executive of seven Councillors, an individual Executive member, or occasionally by a senior officer of the Council acting under the terms of powers delegated to them by Councillors.

This page lists forward plans for the year shown below. By using the drop-down box, you can select the year you require.

Agenda documents relating to the matters listed in the Forward Plan which are available to the public can be obtained at least five working days before the date when the decision will be taken. Some decisions have to be made in private; in these cases you can challenge why this nees to be the case, and the Council has to re-consider and, if it wishes to continue in private, explain why.

If you wish to comment on, or make enquiries about any matters listed in the Forward Plan, you can do so by telephoning or e-mailing the Contact Officer responsible for the item or by writing to them at the Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley BR1 3UH.