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Apologies were received from Janet Bailey, and Sham Kidane attended in her place.   


Apologies were also received from Nigel Davies, Katie Nash, Victoria Roberts, Gillian Palmer, Paul Warnett and Philip Powell.






The minutes of the meeting held on 16th October 2017 were received.


It was AGREED that the minutes be approved.



In accordance with the Council’s Constitution, questions to this Committee must be received in writing 4 working days before the date of the meeting. Therefore please ensure questions are received by the Democratic Services Team by 5pm on 13th December 2017.


No questions had been received.




CSD 18003


The Matters Arising report was noted.




It was noted that the latest public access closures had been actioned on 17th December 2017. This meant that the police counters previously based at West Wickham and Copperfield House in Penge were now closed. The only front counter that was now open 24/7 was the one at Bromley South Police Station. The Safer Neighbourhood Bases still existed, but were likely to close in the coming year. The viability of the District Ward Hubs was being assessed. Two dedicated Ward Officers and a PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) were still operational in each ward. Some contact had been made with the Probation Service concerning the matter of the Police utilising Probation Service buildings that were either not being used or being under-used.


The Borough Commander appraised that the BCU Pathfinder Sites were in the final stages of the evaluation process. This would be completed by the end of January 2018. The Borough Commander reminded the Group of the email update that he had recently sent out concerning this matter. It was his view that the BCU plan would be agreed and signed off. This being the case, the BCU Commander for Croydon, Sutton and Bromley would be Chief Superintendent Jeff Boothe who was currently the Borough Commander for Croydon. Full implementation was likely to occur in June 2018. Superintendent Paul Warnett would be the primary Police contact for Bromley subsequent to BCU implementation. The Borough Commander expressed the view that continuity would be reduced. Under the new arrangement the Borough Commander role would be defunct.


Under the new BCU structure, the BCU Commander would be responsible for 4 new command areas:


·  Investigations

·  Emergency Response

·  Safeguarding

·  Neighbourhood Policing


The BCU Commander would be supported in these areas by 4 Superintendents.


The Borough Commander stated that the crime rate in Bromley was now starting to rise. This was London wide, but marked in Bromley. He rejected the view that that rate rise was due to a lack of resources. He explained that under the previous MOPAC 7 targets, crime had been reduced by 20% and that it was not totally unexpected that after plateauing, there would be an increase at some point.


Terry Belcher (Vice Chairman of the Safer Neighbourhood Board) was concerned that the BCU amalgamations were taking place at a time when crime levels were on the increase. The Borough Commander responded that it was not the case that there would be an automatic drain of resources to Croydon. There would still be three staff members per ward, and at this point it was too early to assess impacts. The MET could no longer afford to run as 32 separate entities. Currently, there was still a £410m shortfall in the budget. A member asked what the reason for this shortfall was, and the Borough Commander pointed out that extra costs had been incurred with respect to the uplift in armed police officers and investment in IT. Sharon Baldwin (Chair of the Safer Neighbourhood Board) asked if LBB paid any  ...  view the full minutes text for item 179.




The Group noted the Resilience update report that had been drafted by Laurie Grasty (LBB Emergency Planning and Corporate Resilience Manager).


The Group were informed that the Bromley Resilience Forum had met on 29th November 2017, and that it had been suggested that table top exercises be held with multi-agency partners and front line staff to assess preparedness for providing humanitarian assistance and recovery.


MSLs (Minimum Standards for the London Borough of Bromley) had been completed for 2017. The possibility of the MSLs being subject to peer reviews was being explored.


The Group noted that the strategic co-ordinating group that was formed in the wake of a major incident in London would no longer be chaired by the MPS, but would be chaired instead by a selected group of Chief Executives which would include Doug Patterson-Bromley’s Chief Executive.


The Borough Fire Commander reported that contact had been made with Kate Miller (General Manager—the Glades) and that agreement had been made to hold a mass casualty exercise in the Glades. This would probably be arranged for some time during April 2018. The exercise would involve representatives from the LFB, Police, LBB, the Voluntary Sector and the Red Cross. The Group felt that observers would be a good idea, and that vantage points would be required for the press.


It was agreed that a progress update on the exercise should be brought to the meeting on March 8th 2018, and that the Borough Fire Commander would confirm the date of the exercise in due course. Joanna Davidson requested that Victim Support be involved.




1- An update on the mass casualty exercise is brought to the next meeting.


2- Victim Support is invited to participate.   






The Prevent update was provided by Mr Rob Vale (LBB Head of Trading Standards and Community Safety).


Mr Vale stated that the Prevent Action Plan needed to be revised. For this to take place, the Local Profile from the Home Office was required, and this had only just been received. Nothing in the Local Profile changed Bromley’s position in terms of risk which was still regarded as low. Because of this, no funding would be available for pro-active work.


Mr Vale had attended a Home Office meeting the previous week where the Prevent Referral Process had been discussed. This was currently being managed by the Police, but it had been decided that local authorities should take control of this instead, so that the Police could be freed up to attend to other matters. Extra funding would be provided to local authorities for this purpose. The changes would be implemented in about 12 months’ time. 


It was agreed that an update concerning the revised Prevent Action Plan would be provided to the next SBP meeting.


The Group noted that the Prevent process dealt with extremism across the board, so as well as including Islamic extremism, it would also incorporate far right extremism. Prevent was also important from the aspect of safeguarding; it could be the case for example that a referral was concerning an individual that was suffering from mental health issues. The approach was broad.


RESOLVED that the Prevent update be noted and that an update concerning the revised Prevent Action Plan be brought to the next meeting.   





No representative from the London Ambulance Service was present to provide an update.




Lucien Spencer (CRC Area Manager) and AJ Brooks (CRC Contracts Manager) attended from the CRC and Mr Spencer updated the Group.


The Group was informed that in 2014, the Probation Service split into two groups—the Probation Service and the CRC (Community Rehabilitation  Company); the organisations dealt with different caseloads. NTC Novo won the contract to develop a cohort casework model based on age and gender. Although this was well intended, the non-geographic alignment of the model was a weakness. A subsequent HMI Probation inspection of the service was the final nail in the coffin of the cohort model, and it was decided to re-instate a geographical based model. The Group noted that the main local contact for Bromley would now be AJ Brooks.


The Group heard that CRC in Bromley was now located at Huntington House, and 9 Probation Officer Managers worked out of that building. The building was open plan, used dynamic security and provided a better environment for service user engagement.


Mr Spencer mentioned that the Senior Probation Officer for Bromley (Claire Roberts) had recently retired, and at the time of the meeting a replacement had not been found.


Mr Spencer reported that caseload levels remained stable; the current caseload for Bromley was in the region of 425-430. Mr Rogers asked if it could be the case that the same individuals were committing more crime. Mr Spencer responded that the CRC data seemed to indicate that re-offending rates were stable. There had been a slight increase in the rate of female re-offending. It could be the case that the number of first time offenders had increased but that the offenders had not been caught. CRC were currently recruiting for an Interventions Manager. Mr Spencer felt that it was important that CRC access services already existing in the community.


The Group was updated concerning an HMI inspection that had taken place during October 2017. The inspectors visited all but 2 of the London CRC offices and examined 148 cases. They also visited Community Payback Projects. Out of the 148 cases that were looked at, no alerts were raised from the inspectors. The inspectors were pleased to note the improvements that had been implemented.


Mr Spencer explained why the CRC and the Probation Service worked out of different offices in Orpington and Bromley. He explained that the two organisations were two distinct providers that were under no obligation to share buildings; sharing would be complicated. The two services engaged with clients in a different manner, and there were issues around data protection and information sharing. Katie Nash (London Probation Service-Head of Service) worked out of the Orpington Office. 


Ms Baldwin asked who at the CRC would be monitoring re-offending rates for CRC clients. Mr Spencer answered that if the CRC was concerned about a particular individual and his/her re-offending rates, then consideration may be given to moving that individual onto the IOM (Integrated Offender Management) programme.


Ms Baldwin asked what could be done to deal with ‘problematic individuals’. Mr Spencer  ...  view the full minutes text for item 183.




The SNB update was given by Sharon Baldwin (Chair of the Bromley Safer Neighbourhood Board).


The SNB had met on 20th November at the Fire Station in Orpington. There had been a good turnout for the meeting. Neighbourhood Panels were seeking better engagement. Ms Baldwin noted the meeting of the residents of the Ramsden Estate. It was mentioned at the meeting that some boroughs were considering taking court action against the BCU amalgamations. There was a general concern expressed by the public attending SNB meetings in the continued reduction of Police numbers. Neighbourhood Watch was seeking funding for new signage.


A public meeting had been held in Penge on 23rd November, which was attended by the current Police Deputy Borough Commander, Paul Warnett. Presentations were given on hate crime, and on ‘blade awareness’. Ms Baldwin spoke to representatives of Trading Standards about using BIDS to promote messages about blade awareness to businesses.


Mr Belcher stated that he was also a Trustee of the SNB London Chairs. As such, he attended the evening meetings in town. At a recent Chairs meeting, opposition was expressed against the BCU amalgamations. LBB was accused of not replying to the BCU consultation. He asked if this was correct. The Portfolio Holder for Public Protection replied that a letter had been sent to MOPAC expressing Bromley’s opposition to the proposed BCU for Croydon, Sutton and Bromley.


The Portfolio Holder mentioned that the recent SNB meeting at Clock House was not mentioned on the Police Twitter feed. The Borough Commander stated that he would look into the matter.


The date for the next public SNB meeting had not been set. 


RESOLVED that the Borough Commander find out why the SNB meeting at Clock House was not mentioned on the Police Twitter feed. 








A report had been submitted by Victoria Roberts, (LBB VAWG Strategic Partnership Manager).


The report consisted of three main sections:


·  Performance and Data

·  VAWG meetings and groups

·  DV/VAWG Training and Development Programme 2016-2019


The Group noted the report.




The IOM update was given by Amanda Mumford (LBB Community Safety Officer).


Ms Mumford mentioned that a Jobs Fair had taken place at the CRC offices at Huntington House. 


It was noted that Helen Andrews (LBB IOM Support Officer) was chairing the IOM Panel on a temporary basis. The Borough Commander asked who would chair the IOM Panel in the future. Ms Mumford replied that the replacement for Claire Roberts (retired Senior Probation Officer) should be the person to chair the IOM Panel in the future.


A CRC ‘working together’ event had been arranged to try and systemize effective engagement. It had been agreed that the CRC would attend one meeting per year of the Adult Safeguarding Board.


Ms Mumford commented that the matter of seeking data from the CRC was ongoing.  Mr Spencer stated that data originated as pan London data, which was then filtered into borough level data. He stated that if data was required one should ask the question as to whether or not the data was meaningful and relevant. There were also issues around data integrity. The CRC needed a new IT system. It was hoped that this would be operational by March 2018. Mr Spencer stated that requests for specific data should be made directly to himself. 


Ms Baldwin asked how many jobs had been offered at the Jobs Fair and how many were taken up. Mr Spencer promised to look into this and provide an update.


RESOLVED that Lucien Spencer update the Group with more information concerning the Jobs Fair that had taken place at the CRC offices in Bromley. 




The YOS and Gangs Sub Group update was given by Betty McDonald.


A round table meeting was chaired by Jim Gamble (Independent Chair of Bromley Safeguarding Children's Board) on 29 November 2017.  The purpose of the meeting was to understand how vulnerabilities could lead to pathways of harm for some children and young people. The BSCB’s intention was to analyse the co-ordination of partners’ work on gangs and serious youth violence as set out in the BSCB Vulnerable Adolescents Strategy published in July 2017. The priority areas of work for the strategy were Child Sexual Exploitation, Missing, FGM, and Gangs/Serious Youth Violence.


The attendees at the round table meeting agreed there was an urgent need for a protocol on gangs and serious youth violence and the need for a  working group to develop this. The terms of reference for the working group would be to profile gangs in Bromley, to analyse patterns and trends, examine the nature of vulnerabilities, to look at ways that intelligence sharing could be improved, mapping, the provision of support and advice and the development of a resource directory.


Post Meeting Note:


This was the suggested working group by Jim Gamble which would meet once by the end of February, followed by a virtual meeting.


The following volunteered or were co-opted:

  • -  Sadie McClue or Jenny Flavill (Clinical Commissioning Group -Health)
  • -  DI Charles Clare or DCI Mark Hine
  • -  Sue Staley (Head of Referral and Assessment Children's Social Care)
  • -  Penny Davies--Social Care
  • -  Betty McDonald-LBB Head of YOS
  • -  David Dunkley--Bromley Changes
  • -  Cllr Chris Pierce-Vice Chair of Public Protection and Safety Committee
  • -  A representative from LBB Education Department 

The Group heard that funding had been received from MOPAC to develop a local review concerning the subject of gangs and serious youth violence in Bromley. After a review document had been finalised, MOPAC would then arrange a two day meeting with the Review Team.  


It was hoped that the meeting would take place by the end of January. The meeting would be held to get a better understanding of what the issues were. There would also be a period of post review support from MOPAC which would be free of charge, the normal rate chargeable for such services would be in the region of £4K.


Ms Baldwin asked how the £4K charge had been calculated. The LBB Director for Environment explained that the cost would incorporate estimated costs for officers’ time, skills, expertise and travel.


The Borough Fire Commander stated that he felt the referral process for the ‘LIFE’ programme lacked clarity. Ms McDonald confirmed this by stating that she was not aware of the referral pathways for the LIFE programme. All of the referrals seemed to be originating from schools rather than the YOS.


Justin Brett (Clarion-Neighbourhood Intervention Officer) advised that Clarion was also seeking to set up a LIFE programme. He affirmed that in terms of referrals to the LIFE programme, the referrals seemed to be coming from schools only and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 186b




The ASB/Envirocrime update report had been drafted by Terry Gooding and Peter Sibley, and was tabled at the meeting.


An update was provided on Community Impact Days which were MOPAC funded operations in specific areas targeting ASB, Environmental Crime, Arson and other crime. The operations were organised by the MPS, LBB, LFB and Affinity Sutton. The four main areas of focus were Cray Valley East, Cray Valley West, Crystal Palace/Penge and Mottingham.


Updates were provided around arson, off road motorcycles, dilapidated garages and operational achievements to date. Some run down garages had become a focus for crime/ASB and would be demolished.


The Group noted the list of operational achievements to date.


It was noted that work was ongoing by Ward Security to investigate noise complaints with respect to Crystal Palace Park. 


The Borough Commander agreed to check the whereabouts of the two MPS motor bikes, and if it was still possible to have regular access to them.


RESOLVED that the Borough Commander check the whereabouts of the two MPS motor bikes, and if it was still possible to have regular access to them.










The Communications Update was provided by Mr Andrew Rogers (LBB Communications Officer) who agreed to disseminate the link to the Safer Bromley News Letter.


Ms Baldwin and the Borough Fire Commander requested that their respective organisations be given a higher profile in the Safer Bromley Newsletter.


It was agreed that Mr Rogers and Mr Brett (Clarion) would liaise with respect to general communications so that more Clarion related information could be disseminated.


Post Meeting Note:


Mr Brett spoke briefly with Mr Rogers at the end of the meeting and would be putting him in touch with a senior person from Clarion who deals with PR and communications issues.


RESOLVED that Andrew Rogers would disseminate the link to the Safer Bromley Newsletter.  





Ms Mumford requested permission for a presentation/update to be provided at the March meeting by a Serious Organised Crime Advisor. The Chairman was happy to agree to this.


It was noted at this point that the Resilience exercise in the Glades that was mentioned previously would be taking place on 15th April 2018.


RESOLVED that Amanda Mumford arrange for a presentation to be provided to the March meeting by a Serious Organised Crime Advisor.






It was noted that LFB would be carrying out a chemical related exercise in February 2018.




The date of the next meeting is Thursday March 8th 2018.


The date of the next meeting was confirmed as March 8th 2018.


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