Agenda and minutes

Safer Bromley Partnership Board - Thursday 25 March 2021 10.00 am

Venue: Webex Virtual Event

Contact: Steve Wood  020 8313 4316

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The Chairman welcomed Kevin McKenzie who was the new LFB Fire Commander for Bromley.  The Chairman also welcomed Jamie O’ Malley who was acting as alternate for Rachel Pankhurst while Rachel was on maternity leave.




Apologies for absence were received from Ade Adetosoye (Chief Executive), Samantha Evans, Colin Brand, John Owen, Commander David Stringer, Chloe Todd, Teresa Bell, Amanda Mumford and Lucien Spencer.







There were no declarations of interest.




Partners noted the minutes of the meeting that was held ‘in person’ on 5th December 2019. This was the last time that an non virtual meeting had taken place because of the Covid 19 pandemic.


Partners agreed that the minutes were a correct record of proceedings, and the Chairman referred to actions that were noted at the meeting.


The Chairman referred to minute 40 which was the Chairman’s update. It had been resolved that the Gangs and Serious Youth Violence Officer find out if Partnership members would be allowed to attend a meeting of the Children’s MEGA panel. The Head of Service - Trading Standards & Commercial Regulation, responded and informed partners that not anyone could join the MEGA Panel—they would need to be designated as a strategic partner. The Chairman asked if visits were possible, and he responded that you could visit if you had been invited.


The Chairman highlighted minute 41 from the December 2019 meeting, which was in respect of an update from the Housing Division regarding homelessness and begging in Bromley. One of the resolutions from the December 2019 meeting was that the use of Community Protection Notices (CPNs) be considered with respect to individuals who were begging. The Head of Service  (Trading Standards & Commercial Regulation) responded and informed Partners that it had been decided it was not appropriate to issue CPNs to homeless people.


The minutes of the December 2019 meeting also detailed a resolution that Mr Calvin Pearson ( LBB Head of Housing Options and Assessment) be invited to attend meetings of the JAG (Joint Action Group). It was confirmed that his had been actioned and that Mr Pearson had been in attendance at JAG meetings.


(Post Meeting Note: The JAG has since evolved into the ‘CRAG’: Crime Reduction Action Group).


The Chairman noted minute 47 of the December 2019 meeting, which was in respect of Information Sharing Agreements. It had been resolved that the Head of Trading Standards and Community Safety report back to the Partnership when a response from London Councils had been received. The Head of Service - Trading Standards & Commercial Regulation, provided an update concerning this and said that a number of Information Sharing Agreements were now in place and information was being shared. Work was ongoing to ensure that all agreements were in place. 


The Chairman referred to minute 48 of the December 2019 meeting. This was in respect to the update from the Gangs and Serious Violence Youth Officer. In the minute it had been resolved that  MOPAC (Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime)  be contacted regarding the ‘Red Thread’ project in Kings at Denmark Road, to see if additional funding for similar work could be undertaken at the PRUH.


The Vice Chairman answered and said that the person who was in post at the time of the resolution had now left the Council. Before leaving the Council, the Gangs and Serious Youth Violence Officer did indeed contact MOPAC regarding this matter and was informed that all partners  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.



In accordance with the Council’s Constitution, questions that are not specific to reports on the agenda must have been received in writing 10 working days before the date of the meeting which was 5.00pm on 11th March.     


Questions specifically concerning reports on the agenda should be received within two working days of the publication date of the agenda.  Please ensure that questions specifically regarding reports on the agenda are received by the Democratic Services Team by 5.00pm on Friday, 19th March.


No questions had been received.




An update was provided concerning the Bromley Community Safety Partnership Strategy by the Vice Chairman. The Strategy Document  had been disseminated to partners via email in March 2020. Subsequent to approval by the Safer Bromley Partnership, the Strategy was presented to Full Council. Full Council agreed that the Strategy should be formally adopted.


The Vice Chairman expressed her thanks to all who had contributed to the development of the strategy document. The Vice Chairman said that she was pleased with the Strategy; the strategy document had been refreshed, but this was just in terms of presentation and visuals--the text remained unchanged.


The Vice Chairman expressed the view that the strategy document was straight forward in that it was very clear about what could and could not be provided. She stated that it was a comprehensive framework strategy. It was anticipated that the Strategy would be reviewed on a quarterly basis, and with respect to today's meeting, the updates related to Quarter 4. The Vice Chairman believed that as a result of all the effort that had gone into developing the strategy, the Council and the various partners involved in the implementation of the Strategy were in a strong place going forward.


RESOLVED that the update concerning the development of the Bromley Community Partnership Strategy be noted. 





Quarter 4: Annual update from all partners against the strategy:


Priority One Safer Neighbourhoods;  Appendix A

Priority Two: Violence Against Women and Girls; Appendix B

Priority Three: Keeping Young People Safe; Appendix C

Priority Four Standing Together Against Hate Crime Appendix D


ALL Partners will submit a written update in relation to their work in delivering the priorities in the SBPS.



Priority One--Safer Neighbourhoods pdf icon PDF 436 KB


The Chairman noted the update concerning the priority one aim of working to produce safer neighbourhoods. She explained that the primary partner for this priority was the police.


It was noted that there were four sub-priorities which were:


1. Non-Domestic Violence with Injury;

2. Residential Burglary;

3. ASB;

4. Crimes Against the Elderly and Vulnerable ( including financial abuse).


In addition to the police, there was significant involvement in developing and working on these priorities from the Council’s Community Safety Team. 


The Chairman referred to the composition of the CRAG (Crime Reduction Action Group). One of the members of the CRAG was an organisation called ‘Change, Grow, Live’—the Chairman asked what services this organisation provided. It was explained that this organisation provided services for the Council for individuals suffering with drug and alcohol problems.


RESOLVED that the update concerning Safer Neighbourhoods be noted. 


Priority Two--VAWG pdf icon PDF 435 KB


A comprehensive update report was submitted regarding priority 2, which was in respect of VAWG (Violence against Women and Girls).


Rachel Dunley attended with Jamie O’ Malley to present the report and answer any questions.


Members were briefed that the previous VAWG Strategy had expired in 2019. A new strategy had been developed and this was ‘An Intergenerational Domestic Violence and Abuse Strategy 2021—2024: Making Domestic Abuse Everyone’s Business’.


This was intended to be a more comprehensive strategy and had been developed and designed to encompass the full remit of domestic violence and abuse.


Partners were directed to the two recommendations on page 60 of the agenda papers and were asked to agree the recommendations:




1) The Partnership endorses, supports and promotes the new intergenerational Domestic Violence and Abuse strategy for 2021-2024, ‘Making Domestic Abuse Everyone’s Business.’


2) Partner organisations consider whether they would be able to sign up to a partnership commitment to support the new strategy, and if so, to provide an electronic signature for insertion by 30th April 2021. The electronic signature to be sent to Rachel Dunley.









Priority 3--Keeping Young People Safe pdf icon PDF 422 KB


Partners noted the comprehensive update provided with respect to the objective of keeping young people safe. The report outlined in detail the various initiatives and programmes that were being developed to keep young people safe.


The Vice Chairman thanked Betty McDonald (LBB Head of the Youth Offending Service) and her supporting officers for their great work. It was noted that the YOS was due to be inspected, but the Vice Chairman was confident that they were ready for this. The Chairman (who was also the Portfolio Holder for Public Protection and Enforcement, would also be interviewed as part of the inspection.


It was noted that test purchases in respect of age-restricted legislation pertaining to products and activities including, sale of alcohol, cigarettes, and knives, as well as underage gambling and drinking on licensed premises would be resumed as soon as possible. 


RESOLVED that the update regarding keeping young people safe be noted.


Priority 4: Hate Crime and Extremism pdf icon PDF 531 KB


The Chairman was pleased to note that Sharon Kilborne from the London Borough of Croydon would be working with the Safer Bromley Partnership regarding Priority 4, which was ‘fighting hate crime and extremism’. Ms Kilborne was the LB Croydon’s Community Coordinator for Counter Extremism, Policy and Communities. Ms Kilborne would work to facilitate awareness training with community partners, and local businesses to support and encourage them to become third party hate crime reporting hubs.


Partners noted the work being undertaken by the police and the Community Safety Team to reduce hate crime and extremism.


RESOLVED that the update regarding hate crime and extremism be noted.



Violence Reduction Plan Refresh Update


Community Impact Days Update Appendix E




Violence Reduction Plan Refresh Update


Partners noted that the establishment of the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) saw responsibility for overseeing and supporting the development of the Violence Reduction Action Plan moving from MOPAC to the VRU on 1 April 2019.


The VRU, together with MPS and London Councils would continue to support London boroughs to develop and embed their action plans to tackle knife crime and violence, learning from practice identified through the VRU and elsewhere and adapting this to best suit local needs.


The Assistant Director for Public Protection and Enforcement briefed partners with a generic update on the VRAP (Violence Reduction Action Plan). It was noted that the VRU would be visiting all London boroughs to develop the plans further and to ascertain how they could be of assistance. The visit to Bromley was scheduled for April 2021.


Following the visit, the Assistant Director for Public Protection and Enforcement would present a report to the next Partnership board meeting regarding the outcome of the visit, and any changes that partners may need to be aware of.


Partners were informed that MOPAC had submitted a new VRAP template for completion by safety community partnerships. MOPAC required the final version of the plan to be submitted to them by September 18th.


RESOLVED that the update on the VRAP be noted, and that the Assistant Director for Public Protection and Enforcement would update partners after the visit from the VRU in April. 



Community Impact Days Update Briefing pdf icon PDF 203 KB


The Community Safety Manager attended the meeting to provide the update regarding the Community Impact Days that were undertaken in areas identified as ‘hotspots’. It was noted that a community impact day operation had taken place the day before the meeting in Cray Valley.


The new London Fire Brigade Commander for Bromley (Kevin McKenzie) mentioned that he had been in touch with the Community Safety Manager to offer full support to the operations, and that the new Station Commander was actively providing support as required.


RESOLVED that the Community Impact Day briefing be noted. 




The Head of Service - Trading Standards & Commercial Regulation, provided the domestic homicide review (DHR) update. Partners were briefed that there had been three reviews in the last two years. The oldest one of these dated to May 2020 and the report on this had been submitted to the Home Office in September 2020. The Council had received a feedback letter from the Home Office in February of this year and this praised the report that had been submitted. Suggested areas for improvement were provided by the Independent Quality Assessment Panel.


An additional DHR had been signed off by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman and sent to the Home Office during the week of the meeting. As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, the processing of domestic homicide reviews was subject to a three to four month delay.


There was one outstanding review that was mentioned and the report on that was due within the next two weeks of the meeting;  this would then be sent to the Home Office and the Quality Assurance Review Panel.


The Chairman highlighted the importance of identifying any lessons that could be learnt from the reviews.


RESOLVED that the DHR update be noted. 





Standing items:



Hate crime

Domestic violence


Theft of motor vehicles



Context: Challenging performance is a key role which has been identified for the SBPB. This item updates partners in relation to the performance issues, highlights any new challenges, and gains consensus as to how the group can work together to address these.


Appendix F


Inspector Stuart Baker and Superintendent Andy Brittain attended on behalf of the Met Police to update partners with respect to the police crime performance dashboard. 


It was noted that the Met had managed to keep recruiting and training in what had been a very challenging 12 months.


Inspector Baker said that he was very pleased with the way the operation at the Star Lane Traveller site had been undertaken. This had been codenamed ‘Operation Medusa’.


An update was provided concerning the theft of catalytic converters.  Individuals involved in organised crime had been coming down to Bromley, Sutton and Croydon and stealing catalytic converters. The police were pleased to report that much property had been recovered that had been stored in containers and which was planned to be moved to the Ivory Coast. 


A dedicated officer was now leading on crimes connected to cannabis factories, identifying them and shutting them down.


Public confidence in the police in Bromley seemed to be high and the police were looking at how to enhance their use of social media so that the public were aware of the positive and pro-active work that the police were undertaking.


The police were pleased with the pro-active working relationship that had been established with LBB’s Assistant Director for Public Protection and Enforcement.


The Vice Chairman thanked the police for their great work, and she said that she enjoyed working with Superintendent Brittain and Inspector Baker.


The Head of YOS asked about the number of young people that were being remanded in custody while being under investigation. She asked if the police were able to access this data as it would be helpful to the YOS to have some idea of the number of young people that may be referred to the YOS once the courts were open and functioning as normal.


Inspector Baker agreed to discuss this outside of the meeting with the Head of the YOS. 


The Chairman thanked the police for the pro-active work that they had undertaken over the last weekend with respect to quad bikes—this was in Mottingham and Crystal Palace Park.


RESOLVED that the update from the police be noted. 





This item provides a roundtable update from all partners on developments in relation to performance and emerging issues.


The Emergency Planning and Corporate Resilience Lead provided a brief update of the work that he had been involved with. This included the administration of the Covid Strategic Group and the Covid Tactical Group. He had also been involved in a group that oversaw the running of the mortuary service during the pandemic.


The Emergency Planning and Corporate Resilience Lead had also been involved in the setting up of mobile Covid testing units and was the LBB liaison with the police at the operations that had taken place on the Travellers’ site at Star Lane. He had also taken a role in the setting up of vaccination centres and also in the running of the Bromley Emergency Control Centre.


Business continuity plans were being refreshed and the Bromley Resilience Forum was being reinvigorated and various table top exercises were being undertaken.


RESOLVED that the update from the Emergency Planning and Corporate Resilience Lead be noted.




The Chairman referred to page 45 of the agenda pack, and the matter of local crime priorities which had been agreed with MOPAC, these were:


1. Non-domestic Violence with Injury.

2. Residential Burglary.

3. ASB.


The Chairman commented that the previous week she had received a letter from Sophie Lindon (Deputy Mayor for Police and Crime), requesting that Bromley declare their three local crime priorities for 2021/2022. The Chairman  said that in her view (and in light of the pandemic) LBB should roll over with the same three priorities. The Vice Chairman stated that in her view this would be a sensible approach. Also, she was in the process of undertaking a crime needs assessment, and this would be presented to the Board at  the next meeting.


The Vice Chairman explained that LBB had an additional local crime priority which the police provided support in respect of, and this was THEFT OF MOTOR VEHICLES. This was not reported back to MOPAC in the same way. It was noted that issues such as the problems caused by quad bikes would be incorporated under the umbrella of ASB.




1)  The results of the Crime Needs Assessment be reported to Partners at the next SBP meeting.


2)  The current three local MOPAC crime priorities (as noted above) be carried forward for 2021/2022.




The date of the next meeting was noted as 17th June 2021